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6 Ways You Can Easily Tell If AirPods Are Fake

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Published 30 June 2022

Last updated on 8 December 2022

A simple yet unique design, wireless functionality, and easy-to-use features make AirPods an excellent choice for a better audio experience. However, finding original AirPods has become challenging due to the influx of fake AirPods in the market that can easily pass as original AirPods. If you’re in this situation and wondering how to tell if AirPods are fake, keep reading to learn several ways to spot fake AirPods.

How to Tell if AirPods are Fake

You can spot fake AirPods by inspecting your AirPods’ packaging and physical attributes or other methods that do not require you to examine your AirPods.

How to Tell If AirPods Are Fake without Inspecting Them

If you’re wondering how to tell if AirPods are fake without examining them, here are some proven ways.

Verify Your AirPods’ Serial Number

Apple assigns a unique serial number to all AirPods it manufactures, which can be found on the AirPods’ packaging or smart case. You can also find your AirPods’ serial number on any device your AirPods are connected to by locating your AirPods on the list of Bluetooth-connected devices on the device and clicking the more info option.

Imitators can inscribe fake serial numbers on fake AirPods, but you can easily spot counterfeit AirPods by verifying the AirPods’ serial number on Apple’s online coverage check page. All you need to do is input your serial number on the coverage checker, and Apple will show the support services you are entitled to if your AirPods are not fake. If your AirPods are fake, you will receive an error notification.

How to tell if airpods are fake by checking the serial number against apple's official database.

Compare Your AirPods’ Price with the Average Market Price

The price for AirPods with wireless charging cases is approximately $166, while those with wired charging cases are sold for approximately $100. You can also find out the average market price by locating retail stores close to your location using Apple’s find a store feature and comparing their prices. If your AirPods are cheaper than the average market prices, they are most likely fake.

Check Your AirPods’ Sound Quality

Fake AirPods may have poor sound quality. Hence, it would be best to check your AirPods’ sound quality if you want to know if they are fake. If the sound quality is below expectation, your AirPods may be fake. However, you may only need to fix the sound quality if your AirPods sound muffled.

How to Tell if AirPods are Fake by Examining Them Physically

Fake AirPods may look and sound like original AirPods. However, you can spot counterfeit AirPods by examining them closely. Here are some common defects you’re likely to spot in fake AirPods.

Graphical Errors in Packaging

Check the packaging for spelling errors, inconsistent fonts, and faded text or logo.

Differences in Expected Technical Specifications

Compare the AirPods’ physical features with the technical specifications for the AirPod model. You can find the technical specifications for first-generation and second-generation AirPods on Apple’s websites. If there’s any inconsistency, your AirPods could be fake.

Weight Differences

You would also find the ideal weight for your AirPods in your AirPods’ technical specifications. If your AirPods weigh lesser than the stipulated weight, you can worry less about how to tell if AirPods are fake, as they are most likely fake.


Differentiating between fake and original AirPods may be tricky as fake AirPods’ manufacturers have become good at imitating the product. Luckily, the tips in this article will help you spot fake AirPods easily. We recommend buying your AirPods from Apple Authorized resellers to minimize the risk of buying fake AirPods.

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