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How To Make A Straight Line In Procreate

Straight line
Published 15 March 2022

Last updated on 15 May 2022

This guide will be showing you how to make a straight line in Procreate. Of course, there are many reasons you may want to create a straight line in Procreate. To start making straight lines it may be easier for you to turn on the canvas grid before you start. This makes it a lot easier to place straight lines accurately if needed.

Quick guide – make a straight line

  1. Turn on your canvas grid via the “Actions” menu in the top-left, then select “Canvas“.
  2. Select “Drawing guide“, this will let you draw the line on the canvas. Don’t worry if it’s wobbly, it will straighten out once you’ve drawn it.
  3. Instead of unselecting the line once created, select the “Edit shape” button. This will enable you to edit your line however you need.

How to make a straight line in Procreate

Video tutorial

Scroll down for a detailed written guide

1. Turn on the canvas grid

To turn on the canvas grid, go to the Actions menu (wrench icon) in the top left and click on ‘Canvas‘.

How to draw a straight line step 1
How to draw a straight line step 2

2. Drawing Guide & drawing on the canvas

Next, select ‘Drawing Guide‘, If needed you can edit your drawing guide settings however you like.

After the drawing guide is enabled, you can draw your line on the canvas grid, it’s okay if it’s wonky. You can carry on drawing without taking your pen off the screen until it automatically straightens and displays a ‘Line created’ text.

How to draw a straight line step 3

3. Alternative ways to change your line shape

If you want to change your line shape there’s another way to do that without the transform tool.

Repeat the previous steps but instead of unselecting the line after it’s straightened you need to select the ‘Edit shape’ button. You’ll see 2 blue dots on either side of the line that you can use to pull and stretch the line to your ideal shape.

How to draw a straight line step 4


You may have been under the impression that drawing a straight line in Procreate is harder than you expected but hopefully, after reading this quick & simple guide you now know how to draw a straight line every time.

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