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How To Show The Login Icon In The Header On Shopify

Published 4 April 2022

Last updated on 30 August 2022

It’s really quite simple to show the login icon on your store’s website. By default when you create a Shopify store, the login icon is not live on the site’s header. You will need to go into the settings to enable them. I will show you a way to do this super quick.

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Shopify Plus stores

So Shopify has changed this for newly created stores. But older stores can still follow the steps below. For newly created stores, they have changed the options up.

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Go to “Checkout and accounts
  3. Enable the option “Show login link in storefront and checkout
Show login link in storefront

All other Shopify plans

Step 1 – Go to your Shopify settings

Settings shopify

Step 2 – Go to Checkout

Click the Checkout setting.

Checkout button

Step 3 – Go to the ‘Customer accounts’ box & select your setting

You will be presented with 3 options:

  1. Don’t use accounts – disables the login icon
  2. Accounts are optional – enables the login icon
  3. Accounts are required – enables the login icon

By default on older stores, Shopify has the ‘Don’t use accounts‘ option checked. This is what has disabled the login icon from showing in your store’s header.

Choose either option 2 or 3 on whichever suits you best. I would always recommend using the option ‘Accounts are optional‘ so customers aren’t forced to make an account. Unless of course, your store requires them to make an account for a specific reason.

Select the account option



It’s as simple as that. Now your login icon will show and your customers can easily find how to access their accounts! If you’re interested, check out our other Shopify tutorials, our experts cover everything!


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