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How To Shade In Procreate

How to shade in procreate
Published 5 May 2022

It goes without saying, learning how to share in Procreate (especially if you’re an aspiring artist) is essential to have within your skillset. We’ll show you exactly how to do this in the below guide.

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Quick guide

Draw some lines where you want to shade. Then go to your “Brush Library” and select the “Grunge” brush in the “Textures” menu. Next, alter your Brush size on the right-hand side of the software. When you draw with this brush over the current drawings, it will apply a shade-like effect to your art.

How to shade in Procreate – step by step guide

Make sure you have prepared some drawings to essentially “smudge” with a brush. You will need to create a smudge with something you already have.

1. Select your brush

Shading can be done by using several brushes. The Grunge texture brush is what we’ll be using to show you how to shade in Procreate.

You can find this by navigating to Brush Library > Textures > Grunge. However, if you like, you can choose any other brush if you want to achieve a different type of shading effect.

Brush library in procreate

2. Applying the brush effect to your art

As you can see in the below imagery, you can apply this Grunge brush to your drawing. Just have a play and try different brush sizes to see what suits your needs best.

How to shade in procreate 2 1
How to shade in procreate 3

Video walkthrough


Shading is so important with almost any piece of art. It’s also essential for any complex drawing and it is considered a must-have skill for most aspiring artists.

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