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How To Select Multiple Layers In Procreate 

How select multiple layers
Published 16 March 2022

Last updated on 30 April 2022

It can be very tedious trying to move only 1 layer at a time, you can move things out of alignment and mess up your project. The most efficient solution to this problem is, as you can guess, moving multiple layers at once, together. It not only saves time but ensures that you can move layers accurately and precisely. This guide will show you how to select multiple layers in Procreate.

Quick Guide

Select one of your layers through the layers menu at the top right. Swipe right on all other layers you want to move with the one you currently have selected.

If you’ve done this correctly the other layers will be highlighted, you can now select the arrow/pointer icon in the top left which will now enable you to move all the layers together that you currently have selected.

Selecting multiple layers in Procreate

Video guide

Scroll down for a written guide.

1. Select one of your layers, it doesn’t matter which one

To begin, you need to select one of your layers, to do this you can select the layers menu icon in the top left. A drop-down menu will appear with all your layers. Start by selecting any layer you want.

Selecting multiple layers step 1

2. Selecting other layers at the same time

Once you’ve completed the first step, swipe right on any other layers that you want to select with the one you already have selected. You will know you’ve done this correctly as all selected layers will be highlighted blue.

Selecting multiple layers step 2
Selecting multiple layers step 3

3. Moving & Transforming your layers together

Once all layers are highlighted you can move them around and transform them together by going to the top left of the procreate software and selecting the arrow/pointer icon.

Selecting multiple layers step 4
Selecting multiple layers step 5


This works with any 2 layers or more, it does not have to be only three layers. You can use this method on as many layers as you’d like, you can also group them to save time.


Being able to move layers together within Procreate can provide advantages in many ways. Especially when it comes to more complex projects within the software. Skills like these are a must-learn! If you want more tips & tutorials, make sure to check out my other tutorials.

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