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How To See Before And Afters In Lightroom

How to see before and afters in lightroom
Published 11 August 2020

Last updated on 5 July 2022

If you just started photography, you may be wondering how to see a before and afters in Lightroom. And it’s perfectly understandable. You may want to look at the changes you made, at what else you can improve, make sure everything looks as natural as possible, and maybe add some blur to your photos.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how easy it is to see a before and after in Lightroom.

1. Open Your Photo

As usual, you will want to open Lightroom. After you edit your image, make sure you are in the “Develop” tab. From there, you will look at the tab under the image.

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2. Select The Before And After Icon

Under your image, you will see a button that sends you to the “Before and After” view.

How to see before and afters in lightroom

Now, the fun part begins, because Lightroom allows us to see before and afters in a lot of ways, so let’s go ahead and take a look at those.

If you click on the little arrow next to the before and after icon, you will see four options.

How to see before and afters in lightroom

1. Before/After Left/Right

This is the classic view, where you can see your before on the left, and the after on the right.

How to see before and afters in lightroom

2. Before/After Left/Right Split

This one is pretty similar to the first one, but instead of showing two images, it will show one image divided into two. The left side as the before, and the right side as after.

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3. Before/After Top/Bottom

This view will show you the original image at the top of the screen, while the edited will be at the bottom of the screen.

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4. Before/After Top/Bottom Split

Just like number 3. on this list, this view will show you one image, the top half being unedited, and the bottom part with the edits applied. 

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What else? Well, you can use the “Before and after settings” in order to change or swap your edits. You can either copy the before settings unto the after, you can make your after image look like the original, or simply swap them. 

A very important tool you have while checking out the “Before and After” is the “Soft Proofing.” When you click on it, you will see that your image slightly changes. This happens because when you activate “Soft proofing,” you can see how the image will look like when it’s printed, so you have no surprises there.

After activating it, you will see your image surrounded by a white border, and on the right control panel, you can choose your profile. 

Another very interesting feature in Lightroom is the reference view, where you can compare two images and choose the best one. Nevertheless, you can always choose more than one! 

And this is how to see before and afters in Lightroom and everything there is to know about it. You have many options to choose from, and see all the possible differences between the two images!


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