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How To Rotate Text In Photoshop

rotate text in photoshop

When it comes to editing, you really need everything you can get in order to make your images look perfect. Sometimes, you may need to know how to rotate text in Photoshop and create a truly unique image. 

In general, rotating anything in Photoshop is pretty straightforward, but sometimes, you may not find the tool you need. If you tried it before, you may have noticed that in some cases, you will only manage to rotate the text box and the text remains the same, or completely distort the text and not get the results you wanted.

 Let’s take a look at how to rotate text in Photoshop and get incredible results!

1. Create Your Text

As usual, you first need to create your text. By selecting the ‘Type Tool’ or pressing “T” on your keyboard, you will be able to create a text box. At any time, you can add more fonts to Photoshop if you don’t feel confident in the ones you already have.

Rotate Text In Photoshop

2. Select The “Free Transform” Tool

By going to the “Edit” tab and choosing “Free Transform,” or simply pressing “Ctrl-T” on the keyboard, you will be able to rotate your text. If you move your cursor over to one of the corners, you can rotate your text in any direction.

Rotate Text In Photoshop

While you’re at it, you should know that by pressing “Shift,” you will be able to align the text in the angle you want. 

If you don’t have the text selected, you may not be able to rotate the text the way you want to. 

3. Save Your Setting

By clicking on the checkmark or pressing “Enter” you will save your new text in that specific position. If you want to cancel the action, you can simply press the “Escape” key instead and move it again in the right position. 

Rotate Text In Photoshop

This is a very useful tool you can use in any situation. If you want to create a stamp but you want to have the text positioned in a certain way, you can use this after you curve your text in Photoshop. 

By using the elipse method, you can create a round text. After hiding the shape, you can simply rotate the text by choosing the “Free Transform” tool, you can have your text rotated at the perfect angle for your project.

What I find very useful in Photoshop is the fact that I can also create vertical text. When selecting the type tool, you have the option to select the classic “Horizontal Type Tool” or the “Vertical Type Tool” and completely personalize your text. 

Photoshop offers you all the tools you need in order to create the most impressive creations. Whether we’re talking about editing photos or creating illustrations, you have everything you need. 

Even more, now you know how to rotate text in Photoshop and really boost your whole activity. 

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