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How To Import Products From AliExpress To Shopify

how to import products from aliexpress to shopify

If you’re in the dropshipping business, you may want to know how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify.

This can be easily done by using a Shopify app called Oberlo. This is a special dropshipping app that allows you to search for products, add them to your Shopify store and send the orders directly to the suppliers, so you don’t have to manually fulfill every order. 

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the whole process.

1. Open The Shopify App Store

As I said, Oberlo is an app, so you will need to go into the Shopify App Store and install it from there. From your dashboard, select “Apps” from the left menu and then click on “Visit the Shopify App Store.”

How To Imports Products From AliExpress To Shopify

2. Search for Oberlo

You’ll simply need to type the app’s name in the search box and find it. It’s going to be the first option, as the name matches and it’s a very popular Shopify dropshipping app. 

3. Install The App

Simply click on “Install App” and wait for the process to complete. 

How To Imports Products From AliExpress To Shopify

4. Search Your Products

Now, you have two options for adding your products to Shopify. Directly from the Oberlo app through a search, or from AliExpress using the browser extension. 

I’ll show you both ways, and then you decide which one is better for you.

Method 1 – Add Products From The Oberlo App

1. For this method, you will simply click on the “Explore Products” button when prompted. 

2. Search for your product ad click on “Add To Import List.”

3. Go to your import list and the product to your store.

Method 2 – Add Products With The Browser Extension

1. Install the Oberlo extension from the Chrome Web Store

How To Imports Products From AliExpress To Shopify

2. Go to the AliExpress website

You will need to choose your product category and find the best products. It’s very important to mention the fact that Oberlo doesn’t allow you to import products directly from the home page of AliExpress.

In order to add the products to your website, you will need to click on the “Oberlo” icon and add them to your Import list.

How To Imports Products From AliExpress To Shopify

4. Add the products to your website

All there’s left to do now is to go to your “Import list” again and add the product, just like you did before. 

There are a few very important things you need to keep in mind when importing products from AliExpress.

1. Make sure the seller has good and real reviews.

2. Optimize your product names.

3. Check if they deliver to your preferred location.

4. Make sure you correctly choose all the variations.

In general, when you start a business, it would be an amazing idea to first test the products yourself before adding them to your store, as this is how you make a name for yourself in the business. 

Right now, you have two very easy ways of adding AliExpress products to your Shopify store that will make your life easier. Most products come with all the fields already completed, so it’s not going to take a lot of time to import products from AliExpress to Shopify.

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