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How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

Duplicate of a post in wordpress
Published 2 March 2021

Creating a duplicate of a WordPress page or post can be useful for many situations. For instance, you may find yourself wanting to enhance consistency across your website by creating a duplicate template for your posts. Not only can this save time, it can also make your website look more professional. Fortunately, duplicating a page does not require manual copying and pasting of paragraphs and images. There are many simple ways that you can duplicate pages and posts while still retaining your images and SEO data.

In this tutorial, we will look at different methods of how to clone a page safely and efficiently.

Duplicate a Page or Post with a WordPress Plugin

For most individuals, using a plugin to duplicate a page in WordPress is very straightforward. Moreover, it does not require you to have any knowledge of how to modify your site code directly.

If you are looking for an easy tool, here are two plugins that are worth trying.

1. Yoast Duplicate Post

The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin is the most popular duplication plugin as it allows you to duplicate any post or page- with one click.  

First, install and activate the plugin. Go to Plugins > Add New.

Duplicate page in wordpress tutorial

The plugin will then add to your settings in your dashboard.

Next, go to Settings > Duplicate Post.

Duplicate page in wordpress plugin setup

Here you can set up the plugin to suit your needs. By doing so, you are able to determine exactly what the plugin will and will not duplicate for you.  

Once you have configured your settings, you are now able to duplicate your pages and posts. In your Posts section, there will be two new actions- Clone and New Draft.

Duplicate page in wordpress with a plugin

Clicking on Clone will automatically create a copy of that specific post or page. Alternatively, you can select New Draft to copy the post or page and simultaneously open it in the editor.

The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin is super easy, quick, and best of all- it’s free!

2. WooCommerce Product Duplicator

If you have an E-commerce website, being able to duplicate products  and ensure consistency is important. Luckily, the WooCommerce plugin has built in capabilities to allow you to do this.

Go to Products and when you hover over a product, you will see a Duplicate button.

Duplicate page in wordpress using woocommerce plugin

Once you click on this button, an automatic draft of a new product is created. It will be entirely identical to the product you have selected. You will then be able to edit the information of your new product to match the original formatting and style.

Duplicate a Page or Post Without a WordPress Plugin

Of course, you are not required to download a plugin to clone pages of your WordPress site. This can also be done manually by copying the source code or using the WordPress Block Editor.

1. Copy and Paste Code to Duplicate a Page

In order to clone a page by copying the code, you must access the Code Editor by Pages > Edit >  More Tools & Options > Code editor. Alternatively, when editing a page you can press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + M.

Copying the code of a page in code editor

Select all of the code and copy it. Next, click on New Post or New Page and paste in the code directly. Finally, you can revert to visual editor and view the new cloned page.

2. Copy Content from the WordPress Block Editor

If you use the WordPress Block Editor, you have the option to copy all content directly. You can access this option by clicking on the post you wish to edit and opening the Editor’s More Tools & Options. Here you will see a button Copy all content.

Copying the website page content using the block editor

Once copied, you can then paste the content into a new post. However, this method can have some drawbacks- such as not copying the post’s metadata.

In conclusion, there are many easy ways to duplicate pages or posts in WordPress. Although a plugin may initially take some time to set up, I believe that it is the most efficient and safe option for duplicating your pages.

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