How To Delete Your Yahoo Account + Important Steps

How to delete your yahoo account
Published 1 November 2021

Yahoo used to be a top search engine platform and email tool. Still, its relevance dropped because of better performance by competitors. You might have stopped using your Yahoo account and want to manage your digital presence. Deleting an old email account is one of the best ways to achieve this. Maybe it’s time to delete your Yahoo account permanently? 

In the case of Yahoo, terminating your account may even be a security necessity. In 2013, the company was a victim of a significant data breach that affected 3 billion users. Trust in Yahoo and its services began to drop after this event.

If you are looking for easy steps to delete your Yahoo account, read on! In this guide, you will learn how to delete your Yahoo account permanently. Let’s dive right in!

Important steps before deleting your account

If you delete your Yahoo account, you lose all data related to the account, including Yahoo messages, My Yahoo, Flickr accounts, and photos. Deactivating your Yahoo Mail account also means that you are forfeiting the services under this account and all stored information. Below are some necessary steps before deleting your account.

How to download & save your data

You might have valuable data and memories like photos, contacts, and messages associated with your account. It may be challenging to save all. Instead, download and backup all important information you are unwilling to lose before closing your account. 

You can request data downloads for all of Yahoo’s services with the following steps:

1. Log into your account and navigate to the privacy dashboard

Account privacy and controls

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Download My Data’

Download and view data

3. Follow the instructions on the page to create a download request, then click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page.

Download your yahoo account data
Select which yahoo account data you want

4. Enter a valid email address, and Yahoo will send a compressed zip file containing your data

Once you have received your zip file, you can proceed to the next steps.

Cancel Paid Subscriptions

Yahoo offers many premium services; ensure you unsubscribe from all premium services. Check your account for the billing date, and pay all outstanding bills. You will only be allowed to close your account if you have not owed anything for 90 days.

How to delete your Yahoo email account

You can delete your Yahoo Mail account in these easy steps:

1. Visit the Yahoo Termination page and sign in with the username and password of the account you intend to delete.

Yahoo login page

2. Read through the information about terminating your account 

Yahoo flickr terms

3. Scroll down and select ‘Continue delete my account’

Continue to delete yahoo account

4. One more step to proceed on deleting your Yahoo account

Next, you will see a page from Yahoo that gives you another chance to change your mind. You will be required to enter the email address you plan to delete again on this page. Click “Yes, terminate this account.”

Confirm to terminate your yahoo account

All done!

You have now deleted your Yahoo account successfully. However, you can still log into your account for 40 days for a reactivation. It takes Yahoo 40 days to finalize the termination process; if you don’t log back in within this timeframe, you permanently lose the account with no possibility of recovery. The process may take longer for specific countries. It may take 90 days for registered users in Australia and New Zealand and about 180 days for those registered in Brazil and Taiwan.

Video process on how to delete your Yahoo account

What does it mean to delete your Yahoo Mail Account? 

Deleting your Yahoo mail account means that your emails will be removed. You will also lose access to any data associated with Yahoo services. 

Also, any message sent to your email address after its deletion will bounce back along with a delivery failure message. So, it’s an excellent idea to monitor the inflow you get in that account for a while before deletion. Doing this will give you ample time to notify your contacts of your new email address and avoid any form of confusion. 

Upon deletion, your email address will be available to other users in the future but without any associated personal information. So, they may receive messages meant for you if the sender still sends them to your old address. You may not want this; therefore, remember to send your new email ID to your contacts. It is also vital that you are sure you want to delete your account before going through the process. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have learned the steps to delete your Yahoo account and download data associated with the account. Remember to follow all the steps highlighted in this guide. It will enable you to complete the process without hassles.


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