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How To Colour Pick In Procreate In 5 Seconds

How to colour pick in procreate
Published 21 April 2022

Procreate has all sorts of little niggles here and there, it’s difficult to find out how to do things. We’ll show you exactly how to colour pick the fasted way.

I’m not going to lie, it’s super easy to colour once you know! Take a look below and you will learn quickly.

Video tutorial (Scroll down for steps)

Method 1 – Press & hold your finger on the colour

Once you press your finger on the colour, it will come up with a little circle that magnifies it slightly. Once you let go, it will select the colour.

Press and hold your finger to colour pick

Method 2 – Use the colour selector

The colour selector is the icon shown in the red box below:

Colour selector

Once you press this, you will be able to choose a colour on your canvas.


It’s honestly so easy once you know, isn’t it? If you are interested in more lessons, please check out more of my Procreated tutorials.

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