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How To Change Opacity of a Layer in Procreate in 14 Seconds

How to change the opacity in procreate
Published 20 January 2022

Last updated on 15 May 2022

I’ll be showing you how to quickly change opacity in Procreate with this quick and simple tutorial.

Despite only being released in 2011, Procreate has gained the same amount of praise as other industry-standard programs such as Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Krita and more.

Procreate is one of the most successful and accessible digital art programs out there gaining popularity in late 2016, and early 2017.

Common uses-cases

  • Sketches
  • Filters 
  • Subtle effects such as motion blur or freckles
  • Toning down a color to make it less intense 
  • Highlights

Quick guide

  1. Select the layer by accessing the “Layers” tab (2 overlapping squares) on the top right.
  2. Select your layer then tap the ‘N‘.
  3. Adjust the opacity by moving the slider left or right.

Changing the opacity in Procreate

Video tutorial

If you want to see a written guide, scroll down.

1. Select the layer

Firstly, make sure you’ve selected the layer you want to edit, you can do this by accessing the layer icon located in the top right corner.

Select layer procreate

2. Tap on the ‘N’ icon

Secondly, make sure to tap the ‘N‘ icon once for layer options to appear along with an opacity slider. You can now use the slider located beneath to adjust the opacity level of your layer.

Tap the n


That’s how easy it is to change the opacity in Procreate. If you want to check out more and learn more about Procreate, please check our Procreate tutorials.

Why opacity is useful in Procreate

Examples of effects that opacity can be used for are noise, blur, and even bright hues, these can be lessened to create more subtle effects on your work to produce a more pleasing outcome for the human eye.

Layer opacity has been incredibly useful in my experience when creating works over the years in Procreate. More importantly, opacity effects are a core skill to familiarise yourself with when working on pieces, and Procreate gives you the full freedom to experiment efficiently and freely.

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I'm an expert designer/animator using Procreate.