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How to Blend in Procreate

screenshot of procreate ui showing how to blend

When I first started digital drawing, I discovered that blending colors is the best way to get unique shades and that smooth transition effect. However, when I switched the program, I had one big problem: how to blend in Procreate?

Well, the time has passed, I learned how to use it, and now, I’ll show you the two ways you can blend in Procreate. 

Method 1 — Smudge Tool

The first method involves using the smudge tool to blend your colors. What’s great about this tool, is that you can use any brush, with any size and opacity to blend your work. This opens the door to a wholenew world of amazing creations. 

1. Prepare Your Layer

In order to blend colors, you need to have them on the same layer — as a rule, the edits you make only affect one specific layer. 

2. Get the Smudge Tool

The smudge tool is located in the top right corner, and it looks like a pointing finger — which is pretty easy to spot. You can adjust its size and opacity. In this case, the opacity works as the brush’s strength. The bigger it is, the more visible the smudge effect will be. 

screenshot of procreate's smudge tool

3. Start Mixing Up Colors

All you need to do now is use the brush on the colors you want to combine. It’s best if you do it in two steps — once with a higher strength, so your colors are really mixing up, and another time with a lower strength, so you get that smooth effect. 

Method 2 — Classic Brush Tool

This method is very useful if you don’t need an exact match between the colors, but you want to accentuate highlights or shadows. Instead of using the smudge tool, you want to first apply your primary color to the canvas, and then choose a different color, lower the brush’s opacity, and apply on top of it. This way, you get a nice and smooth blend.

1. Apply Any Color

The first thing you need to do here is apply your primary color to the canvas, so you get a starting point. 

2. Select Another Color

The color can be anything you want. However, I recommend that you use black or white for shadows and highlight. 

screenshot of procreate UI showing how to blend colors

3. Lower the Opacity and Apply the Color

Lower the opacity as much as you need to get the desired color. You can play with it for tests, and then tap the screen with two fingers to undo. 

The second method gives you a smooth blend effect, but the first one allows you to freely blend the colors and create something awesome!

Now you know how to blend in Procreate, but if you also want to know how to mirror or even how to use Procreate and all its tools, feel free to check out our other blogs!

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