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How To Add Fonts In Photoshop

how to add fonts in photoshop

Having a lot of different fonts is a dream, especially when you’re working with many different projects and you need to have something unique for all of them. Of course, the next dilemma begins. How to add fonts in Photoshop?

Well, to be completely honest, it’s easier to add the fonts in Photoshop than it is to find a font you actually like. So before you start this process, go ahead and choose a font that matches your design. 

What you need to keep in mind in this step, is that if you want a unique font, you will need to buy it. There are a lot of websites offering exclusive designs and you can be the only one with that specific font, but for most projects, Adobe’s website will offer all the fonts you need. 

Install Fonts From Adobe

One of the best options is to go over to the Adobe website and see the fonts they have there. There are hundreds of fonts you can download, you won’t have to worry about how you use them and the installation is the easiest thing you can think of. 

Let’s take a look at the process.

1. Go To The Adobe Fonts Page

You can open this page immediately from your Creative Cloud. Find the “Manage fonts” button in the left panel and click it. 

Add Fonts In Photoshop

2. Browse More Fonts

The fonts manager will open and you can click on “Browse more fonts” in the upper right corner.

3. Choose Your New Fonts

On the Adobe website, you will see all the fonts they offer with your subscription. Simply choose the one you want and then click on “View Family”

Add Fonts In Photoshop

4. Activate Your Font

In order to activate your font, all you need to do is push the button. In a matter of seconds, you will receive a notification saying that your font has been activated and you’re good to go. 

Add Fonts In Photoshop

And you’re done! You can freely use any fonts installed through Adobe Cloud for any project, be it personal or commercial, so I find this to be the best solution!

Another thing you can do is install fonts from third parties, in case you need to buy a specific font. 

Install Fonts From Third Parties

For this tutorial, I went over to and chose the “Quark Cheese” font. It’s very stylish and I can think of a million combinations with it. As this is free for personal use, I won’t be able to use it with commercial purposes, but it will do just fine for the sake of this tutorial. 

So after downloading, let’s go ahead and add this font to Photoshop!

1. Identify Your Archive

The first thing you will want to do is identify the font archive and unzip it. You will find your license and font files. They can come with a .otf, .ttf, .pbf, or .pfm extension. 

2. Install Your Font

The most common way is to install the font directly and use it on any program from your computer. You can do this by double-clicking the font file and then clicking on the ‘Install’ button in the prompt. 

3. Use Your New Font

All you need to do now is go to Photoshop and find your new font. 

Add Fonts In Photoshop

If you go through this process, you will be able to use your installed fonts in all the programs on your computer from Photoshop, to Word, Illustrator and even the video making programs. 

Something you need to be very careful about are the licenses. It’s true that you can find a million free fonts online, but they have their limitations. If you are planning to use the fonts for your clients, you will need a commercial license for it. In general, you can check the files in your font archive and see how you can use it. Most creators will leave a message saying that they would appreciate it if you actually bought the font.

Happily, now you know how to add fonts to Photoshop and you have two great ways of doing that. All there’s left to do now is start working on another project!


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