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How To Add Collections To Shopify

How To Add Collections To Shopify

Categorizing your products is essential for the best functioning of your online store. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to add collections to Shopify.

Collections are very important for your store, and not just for the user experience, but for SEO purposes too. In order for your store to be successful, you need to have everything as structured as possible.

If your store is very big, then you may even have to add breadcrumbs in order to help you visitors and search engines understand the complexity of your online store. 

Why Are Shopify Collections Important?

Well, there are a few reasons why the structure of your website is important. 

1. Help Visitors Find Your Products

When someone is looking on your website, he may want to look for something specific. In order for them to find out exactly what they’re looking for, you need to have your products structured in collections, instead of having everything in one big category and having them find what they were looking for.

Beside the fact that it’s complicated, most of them may not even keep looking.

2. Help The Search Engines Understand Your Website

When search engines index your website, they pay very close attention to the structure. Every single one of your crawlable links are stored in your sitemap, and they have a structure. If you manage to keep that structure, then you will have higher chances of ranking.

3. Easy Maintenance

Of course, having everything structured will also help you add more products in the right categories. This means that instead of just adding the products, you will be able to have them structured and find exactly what you are looking for in care you need to edit something or create a sale.

4. Easier Promotions

If you want to start advertising seasonal products, such as specific Christmas or Easter products, you may need to have them all in a category in order to perfectly reach your target audience. 

For example. If you have an electronics store and you are selling limited edition Christmas cameras, you may want to be able to create an ad for that collection alone, instead of the whole website.

Let’s go now and take a look at how to add new collections to Shopify and manage to create the best online store out there.

How To Add Collections To Shopify

1. Go To The “Products” Tab

From your Dashboard, you need to go to the “Products” tab, and the choose “Collections.” If you don’t have any other collections, then you will simply press the “Create collection” button. 

How To Add Collections To Shopify

2. Fill In The Title And Description

Each collection you add must have a title and description. Of course, you can use keywords to help your visitors find you through the search engines, but you also need to make sure they are relevant. For example, if you have a cosmetics website, you may want to create different collections for hair products, skin products, etc. 

Make sure you also add a description to your collection and convince your visitors that they may actually need what you are selling. It’s the perfect moment to add a sales pitch.

3. Choose The Collection Type and Conditions

This part may seem a little tricky, but I’ll explain everything in a minute. In the first part, you must choose if you want to add the products in there manually or automatically. 

How To Add Collections To Shopify

If you want to add them manually, then you won’t have to set any conditions, and you can simply add the new products you add.

If you want to create an automatic system, we need to take a look at the conditions you want to set. When you add a product, you need to add a title, type, vendor, price, etc. In the collections setting, you can choose to automatically add products that contain a certain word in their name, or have a certain price. 

For example, if you want to make a collection for products under $20, you can set the condition “Product price is less than $20,01@ and all the products under $20 will be in that category. 

Of course, you can add more than one condition and you can choose if a product must fulfill all the conditions or at least one condition in order to be in that category.

4. Add A Collection Image

Of course, your collection needs an image. Make sure you know how to optimize images for Shopify before adding it, in order to help your visitors find you in the organic web searches.

5. Edit The Search Engine Listing Preview

Ultimately, you need to edit the SEO box according to your collection and keywords. Make sure it’s descriptive and convincing for your possible visitors.

How To Add Collections To Shopify

After you’re done, all you need to do is save and your new collection is created. It’s important to add collections to your Shopify store and have everything as structured as possible!

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