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HomePod Mini and why it’s a great buy

Apple finally released their HomePod Mini, for only $99, stamping themselves as a titan in the smart speaker market. Now, Apple sits beside Amazon and Google—although, some would say Apple now trumps the market. Consumers have been giving really positive reviews about it since its launch. Just like all Apple’s latest innovations, this speaker is revolutionary.

Its Biggest Advantage

HomePod Mini and its review

Unlike Google and Amazon, Apple does not want to sell personalized ads to you. And as such, they do not record your activities and store your personal information on their servers. Because of the difference in privacy policy, more people are leaning towards Apple on this one. They don’t have to worry about being spied on, and neither do you.

This is not Apple’s first wave in the smart speaker market. They began this journey two years ago, back in 2018, when they introduced the first HomePod. At the time, the price was fixed at $349. The price was too high, and people complained, but Apple insisted that it was worth the price. According to them, the speaker’s only function wasn’t just to play music—it had more to offer. Maybe they were right, but it didn’t matter much. That year, Amazon’s Echo dominated the market and dwarfed the original HomePod.

This year, Apple released the HomePod Mini for a price far less than the original, and users are starting to appreciate it. It has found strong feet in the market, proving itself to be a healthy competition for Google Assistant and Alexa of Amazon. It also produces great sounds, when it’s connected as a speaker to a TV.

What you should know about it

The first this you will observe about the Mini is its size. It is much smaller than its Amazon and Google counterparts, which gives it extra points for portability. It is true that Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest Audio plays music better than the HomePod Mini, which is understandable, because of its small size. But that is okay, and it does not matter, because the difference in sounds is almost undetectable to our human ears. Siri’s personal assistant has proven itself to be quite useful, especially to people who already owned an Apple device.

Other Advantages of the HomePod Mini:

  1. If you own an iPhone, the HomePod Mini is going to make life a little easier for you. With this smart speaker, you can send texts messages to your contacts by speaking to it. This is one feature Google and Alexa lacks. They also can’t read your emails, or even let you create new ones with your voice.
  2. With the HomePod Mini, you don’t have to worry about your phone going missing. Because if that happens, the smart speaker will compel a tone to start ringing and your phone. And this tone will not cease, until you find your phone. This added feature gives the HomePod Mini more points for security.

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