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How to Gradient in Procreate

How to gradient in procreate
Published 28 April 2022

Here’s a quick & easy to follow guide on how to gradient in Procreate. Learning to use gradients in Procreate can be handy is very useful and can be applied to many different forms of artwork. Especially those that involved detailed backgrounds and settings.

There are 2 methods involved when using gradients in Procreate, we’ll be discussing both in these in detail below.

Video example – Learn quickly through a visual demonstration

Method 1 – Feathering a selection

  1. Start off by choosing the Selection tool in the toolbar at the top of Procreate
  2. Next, make the selection where you’d like your gradient to be
Selecting an area
  1. All you need to do now is to select your Feather tool located on the bottom
  2. Adjust the feather amount however you’d like
Feathering method 2
  1. Now, select the brush tool, make the size larger, choose a colour, and then colour in your selection. It will appear as a gradient once you start drawing on the canvas.

Method 2 – Gaussian Blur

  1. Start by applying two or more colours of your choice using the Brush tool similar to the example below
  2. Once you’ve done this, select the Adjustments tab in the top-left of the Procreate software and select Gaussian Blur.
Adjustments tab
  1. Now go back to your canvas and drag your finger/pen across the canvas horizontally. This will apply the horizontal Gaussian blur and blend the colours together so the gradient between colours appears smoother.


You should now be aware of both the methods involved in creating a gradient in Procreate. If you’d like to see our other Procreate tutorials, click here to learn more about Procreate.

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