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Monetize Your Websites With New Tech – Gather


A new advertising company is in town. Gather has evolved from the Crypto tech space, introducing a new innovative method for a website to make money instead of using traditional ads. They first started the company in the beginning of 2018 and have been developing throughout the bear market.

We have all experienced it when a blog or news site has very invasive ads. Looking very spammy and lowering the overall quality of their website. It’s one of the biggest problems with the advertising space to this day. Gather has come to solve this with a new method, which has never officially been done before. This is now possible because of Crypto innovation and tech.


How does it work?

how it works

Gather essentially asks for your viewers permission to use their unused computing power while they’re on your site. In return the user and the website owners will earn money for supporting the Gather network. To find out more about the technology, visit their website.


The Gather System will use hybrid POW and POS custom purpose built protocol. This ensures security of the network while also aligning early incentives for network participants.


There will also be staking implemented post mainnet. The current APY expected is 15% for staking. This incetivise people to hold the coins and support the network.

Why Gather is better than traditional ads

Gather enhances user experience and earns your website 10x more than traditional ads.

Traditional ads look horrendous, let’s admit, who actually clicks on them?! They make your site look very spammy and drastically reduces user friendliness. But traditional ads are one of very few ways websites can earn money to keep running. Some website companies rely on ads to keep turning over income for their company.

Using Gather, you won’t need to run visually spammy ads from your site, enhancing user experience instantly. This works because Gather just runs in the background harmlessly earning your company money with permission from the viewer. It doesn’t need to use a lot of your viewers power so it won’t affect their experience on your website.

It also allows you to make money without having to add more ads around your website. Is essentially works from the amount of visitors you have participating.


When is Gather available?

Gather’s mainnet is around the corner, expected to be released around February 2021. You can see frequent updates from the team on their Twitter.

You can currently invest in their token on Uniswap which will be useful when using the platform.

Keep this one close to you as it will be huge, it’s solving a real big issues currently with many websites.

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