Fighting Covid-19 with Tech

Since its outbreak, the novel coronavirus has had brilliant people working round the clock to fighting Covid-19. Virologists and microbiologists, as well as doctors and nurses—everyone is on their feet. The tech sector isn’t slacking behind either, and is birthing new designs to make the world a slightly healthier place. Talk about smart masks, to a wearable that predicts a disease, and virus-zapping drones. All of which is designed to detect and attempt to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

Fighting Covid-19 with Drones

Fighting Covid-19 with Drones

Draganfly is a tech company where they design and manufacture drones. They revealed a their new camera technology, which has the ability to detect symptoms of COVID-19. They install the camera in a drone, and they can receive alerts about social distancing, which helps with fighting Covid-19.

Cameron Chell, the chief at Draganfly, reported that they can use any camera with the “vital intelligence assessment” , and not just a drone, for fighting Covid-19. Besides checking for social distancing, the camera can also measure changes in vital signs. Like blood pressure, respiratory or heart rate, to tell if a person might be sick. But that isn’t all. Draganfly uses the stones to fly overhead and spray disinfectant in public spaces where multiple people usually gather.

In a CES online briefing, Chell said Draganfly is overwhelmed with lots of demands, to show how well it’s doing. He hopes that disinfecting public places might open the door for to let people into public spaces again.

In Taiwan, FaceHeart—another tech company—is pushing forward with a similar idea. They revealed a software which they installed in cameras, for measuring vital signs in the body, without the need of physical touch. They use algorithms to scan for symptom—these symptoms are actually early indicators of Covid-19. Some of these symptoms are: High fever, high heart rate, shortness of breath, dehydration, and more.

Using the Patch

Using the Patch

At CES, we saw a new tech device from BioIntelliSense, a tech company based in Colorado, for fighting Covid-19. The BioButton, as they call it, is a coin-sized sticker, or patch. The patch goes on its user’s chest, and just like that—so BioIntelliSense claims—it can detect heart rate, coughing frequency, skin temperature, and more. Besides that, it can also detect vital signs, and their fluctuations, that can hint at Coronavirus.

James Mault, the CEO, shows that the BioButton device is effective in fighting Covid-19 and said it “represents a significant advancement in making continuous medical-grade monitoring reliable, effortless and cost-effective.”

He added that: “The convenience of the BioButton will support a range of clinical use cases… and mass market use to enable safe return to work or school.”

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