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female startup club

As podcasts are slowly moving to the forefront of the modern world and are tipped to overtake online reading, it is the perfect way to gain information from people that have previous experience in a certain market, field or a particular business. 

As there are thousands of podcasts starting up everyday it is often hard to find the best ones, however ‘Female Start up Club’ is a podcast that is growing by the day. With a range of topics being discussed such as female empowerment, entrepreneurship, investments and day-to-day challenges of running a company, FSC is the perfect podcast for any woman wanting to make a change in their lives or wanting to improve. The podcast explains tips, tactics and new knowledge from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. 

At the head of the ship is Doone. After spending the last 10 years working in digital marketing and e-commerce, Doone launched The Female Startup Club to help females dominate their market. Doone has also led all social media platforms at Australia’s largest (and most successful!) online retailer The Iconic, as well as working with huge global brands like Snapchat and IMG.

Female Startup Club has since established its own podcast to advance and help women-in-progress through insightful episodes, technical courses and relevant resources to learn and dominate their field.

Behind the podcast are 3 successful female entrepreneurs that are inspiring a new generation of female winners and leaders. Leading the way is Sammy Leo; she sold 1000 units of her product in 3 minutes and soon realised there was a big gap in the market for a new range of unique jewelry. Next is eCommerce master Gretta van Riel; one of the very few members of the $1 million in a day club and also appeared in the Forbes 30-under-30 list in 2018. Finally Innika Choo turned her passion into a luxurious handmade dress business. 

This podcast began to bring insights and learnings from the world’s most successful female founders, entrepreneurs and women in business. It is a space for women in progress to learn through insightful, quirky episodes, and there to inspire and most importantly teach females to take action to get what they want out of their career. The first step to success starts with one decision to make a change and ‘The Female Start-up podcast’ won’t be stopping anytime soon! 

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