Electric Car Built From Recycled Materials

electric car built from recycled materials

The teachers at the Technical University of Eindhoven, in Netherlands, should be proud of their students for this one. A group of these students have put their heads together to build an astonishing electric car, using only recycled materials, which they obtained from the ocean, and just basic household waste. It isn’t the ideal car for a typical family, but it works for two friends hitting the road. It’s a two-seater car, and it drives as fast as 56 miles in one hour. When fully charged, the car can cover a distance of 137 miles, with a duration of approximately 2½ hours.

Luca, as the car’s creators call it, was built as part of their project. They wanted to show industrial companies creative ways to make use of all the waste we generate. Every year, the world generates about 2.1 billion tons of waste, and a significant percentage of that pollutes the oceans. This team of students are trying to show us innovative ways we can use waste. Instead of letting them pile up and pollute the environment.

The Composition

To build this beauty, the students made the chassis with plastic bottles, which they retrieved from the ocean, and flax. The electric car’s interior was designed with unsorted waste found in a typical home. They went on to build the exterior using hard plastics, which were obtained from household appliances and televisions. They made the seat cushion using coconut and horsehair, and the windows with recycled materials. At a first glance at the electric car, the bright yellow color might be the first thing to grab your attention. It is easy to assume they painted the body to resemble the color of sunshine, but it isn’t so. They didn’t paint it. The students used a foil that they made from recycled materials.

For power, the students used two motors. Each to power each of the car’s axle, and they derived electrical energy from six batteries, taken from abandoned vehicles. As it stands, the electric car is fully functioning, and it has been tested and trusted on the road. In fact, the students want to get a license, so that they can drive the car legally. They urge other car companies to look into recycled materials for making more cars. They believe it is possible in many ways and many applications.

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