Mobile Pixels Duex Plus Review

13. 3" duex plus monitor connected to laptop
Published 11 August 2022

Everyone needs that second screen for any form of productivity, whether you’re editing a video on Premiere Pro, playing games and need a second screen for Discord or even if you want to display Spotify on your second screen to see what song is currently playing.

A second screen can make all the difference, and once you’ve experienced the joy of using a second monitor screen, you may find it very difficult to go back. This is especially true for mobile laptop users on the move who need that second screen.

This is where the MobilePixels Duex Plus comes in. The Duex Plus is one of many products that Mobile Pixels offer, and we’ll be mentioning how great of an addition it can be to any portable workstation.

Duex Plus Specifications


The Duex Plus features a 13.3″ FHD/1080p display perfect for any laptop size between 13-14″. The screen’s viewing area is precisely 11.7″L x 6.5″W with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The display comes with a blue light filter setting for those who prefer an easier time looking at screens. Especially if you’re using the screen at nighttime.


The device comes with a cable with a DisplayPort-enabled USB-C port with hybrid signals. So, it has a USB 3.0 connectivity option for those that don’t have a USB-C port on their laptop. This means you can simply plug the Duex Plus into your device and use it immediately.

Duex plus connectivity


The Duex Plus is made with sturdy PC-ABS plastic and a tough aluminum alloy. This allows the screen to stay durable while also being very lightweight, which, as we all know, is essential when you have a portable workstation.

The fact it’s so lightweight is incredibly handy if you work on the go all the time. Portability is essential, and Duex Plus provides it ideally.



Duex Plus is compatible with almost all laptops that come with a USB3.0 or a USB-C port. If your laptop has these ports, it will likely support the Duex Plus device. It’s simply a plug & play device, so all you need to do is plug it in, and the display should automatically activate and appear.

Samsung DeX Devices

The Duex Plus works with any device that supports Samsung DeX. This is pretty much any modern and mobile Samsung device, such as mobile phones & tablets.

In this case, it proves very useful if you still want to use your mobile device while you watch a movie on the other screen.

Samsung dex logo

Nintendo Switch

One of our favourite applications for the Duex Plus is the ability to have a larger portable screen for your Nintendo Switch and still be on the move. Just plug the Duex Plus into the USB-C port at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch, and you’re set to go.

This is a beautifully surprising feature with the Duex Plus and can prove very useful, especially if you tend to squint and struggle to see the small details on the tiny Nintendo Switch screen. Now you can lay back in your chair and relax on the go as if you’re playing at home.

Android Phones

It works with most modern Android Phones that have a USB-C port. Again, all you need to do is plug & play, and if that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to change the connection setting on your Android phone to allow data transfer between devices. This will, of course, vary greatly depending on your Android device.

Auto-Rotation display

The auto-rotation display is very useful for showing others what you’re working on without the need to change any display settings within Windows/Mac.

You can grab the Duex Plus monitor and flip it vertically into a presentation mode to show someone sitting across from you without having to turn the monitor around awkwardly. The display will automatically rotate, so it displays the right way around for the person you’re showing work to.

This feature has proven useful for us personally due to the variable workspaces you come across when on the move. If you frequent coffee shops when working, you’ll find that sometimes you have a much smaller table to work on than other times.

In this case, you can use the Duex Plus in portrait mode by switching it upright and changing your display settings on your PC. Changing from landscape to portrait mode should be the only time you need to change display settings on your PC for the Duex Plus.

How long does it take the Duex Plus to ship?

The Duex Plus takes only 1-2 working days to ship from their warehouse. They have both UK & US warehouses to ship their products from, despite having a URL from the US. They do, in fact, ship very quickly to customers within the UK.

Our Duex Plus arrived only 2 days after we got an email confirming it had been dispatched.

Is the Duex Plus worth it for the extra display?

Yes, from what we’ve experienced with the device, it’s worth it for anyone who works on the go on their laptop. Having that second screen, especially for a laptop setup, can prove extremely useful.

Normally connecting extra displays to a laptop can prove difficult due to the limited amount of ports of a laptop, but due to the device only needing 1 USB-C or USB 3.0 port, it’s very easy to connect and use on the go.

Our Hands-On Experience with the Duex Plus

The Duex Plus has proven very useful for us as we work on the go in several different environments. Whether working at home, at a coffee shop or in a workspace such as a library or an office, the Duex Plus suits all environments.

Using the monitor for presentation mode

We found the presentation mode useful with our workstation, especially for meetings. Being able to show someone sitting across from you something that’s easier to show that talk about was incredibly handy.

We also found it enjoyable to use in a Dungeons & Dragons game on our laptop. When you can’t show players any information on your screen, you can have the tablet in a permanent presentation mode and control the amount of information that’s displayed on the extra monitor.

Using the monitor as a second screen on the go

This was how we mostly used the Duex Plus. Having that second screen while out and about working was nothing more than a godsend when needing the extra screenspace for working.

We recommend picking up the stand for the Duex Plus if you’re going to use it for this and it doesn’t stick well to the back of your laptop screen like ours.

Using the Duex Plus on the back of your laptop screen

The Duex Plus comes with magnets that can stick with an adhesive to the back of your laptop screen. These adhesive magnets are a fantastic way of removing the Duex Plus from your laptop with ease without the need to remove any adhesive and ruin the appearance of your laptop in the process.

Unfortunately, the adhesive didn’t work so well with our laptop due to the material our device is made of (aluminum), but we tried it with another device that was made with different material (plastic), and it worked great.

Final thoughts

We believe the Duex Plus is a fantastic device to use on the go! Whether you’re working, playing games or studying, it’s useful for anything that may require a second display. It’s definitely worth the investment if it’s something you feel that you’ll benefit from.


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