Will The Diamond Casino Appear in GTA 6?

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Published 28 July 2021

Last updated on 5 July 2022

Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest franchises ever on home consoles. From the groundbreaking GTA III, which introduced 3D gaming, through to the revolutionary GTA Online concept, which has kept the current game alive across three generations of consoles, Rockstar’s flagship title has never failed to disappoint.

However, gamers are beginning to wonder when we might see GTA 6, perhaps the most eagerly awaited video game of all time. To put it into context, since GTA V dropped, UbiSoft have released six Assassin’s Creed games, whilst there have been no fewer than nine Call of Duty releases. Rockstar might be forgiven for taking a little time to follow up on GTA V, but fans are getting restless.

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The GTA V summer update

The upcoming summer update is unlikely to be enough to appease fans for long. The game is looking frayed around the edges, with poor stealth mechanics and some simple physics issues that was acceptable in 2013, but not now. GTA 6, rumoured to be set in modern-day Vice City, is going to be hugely welcome.

The Diamond Casino and Resort

Not all aspects of the current game will need replacing though – the Diamond Casino and Resort was one update dropped in 2019 that did prove to be very popular. It introduced a range of casino games to players, including slot machines, poker and roulette, during which they could win in-game currency and vehicles.

The location had sat dormant for six years before it opened its doors and has proven so popular, it will hopefully be a core part of the new release.

The diamond casino and resort

Real-life casino games in GTA 6?

How could Rockstar improve its casino offering? Next-generation technology could mean integrating real-life casino games into the facility, making it one of the first-ever genuinely virtual casinos in which people could pop in and play.

As explained by GTA Fandom, the range of slots within the current casino are limited, but what if Rockstar integrated with an existing online gaming provider to have their titles featured in the Diamond Casino and Resort? It wouldn’t have to stop at online slots either.

Leading online gaming provider Gala Bingo features live gameshows such as Adventures Beyond Wonderland and Monopoly Live, which could feasibly be integrated into the casino. The in-game casino could, in theory, have as many games as your typical online provider, and take the concept of a mini-game to a whole new level.

Rockstar has always pushed the envelope with game settings; one only has to look to Red Dead Redemption 2 to see that. So, could the next innovation be a crossover between fiction and reality? Using an external provider to develop their games, they could focus on other areas of the title and let the casino almost be operated by another provider, entirely overhauling the experience.

Will Crypto be added to future games?

One last barrier to this would have been gaming laws in different countries, but many online gaming providers now adopt cryptocurrency as a payment method. It has already been suggested by Tech Radar that GTA will introduce its very own cryptocurrency for gamers to purchase and use, making it a simple step to integrate within an existing online gaming platform. Crypto could be the one-stop solution to any barriers standing between the new online provider-driven Diamond Resort operating in Vice City.

Casinos in Vice City

A casino in Vice City would be more realistic than ever before, taking on next-gen graphics and sound but integrating it with improved connectivity that wasn’t available in 2013. It would also be more reflective of real life. Los Santos, the setting for GTA V, is based on Los Angeles in California and in real life, the state doesn’t allow games of chance in their casinos.

The Diamond Resort and Casino shouldn’t even have slot machines and roulette, but Vice City should be fine. The location first appeared in GTA Vice City and is based on Miami, which does allow slots.

That said, haggling over minor technicalities like that in a game that features rocket bikes and an arsenal of weapons that seem to fit in a players pocket is perhaps taking realism a little too far. We’ll settle for a functioning casino and forgive Rockstar for the slight indiscretion in terms of slots in fictional California!



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