Cool Tech Gadget Gifts That You Will Love

cool tech gadget gifts for everyone

Our team gathered up a bunch of cool tech gadget gifts that they have seen this year. Featuring a wide range of cool stuff that some of you have probably never seen before. Take a look and see if any take your fancy!

LED Screen backpack

Not quite small enough to be a stocking filler, this LED backpack is surely a tech gift anyone would want to show off! This backpack allows you to program anything you want to be displayed on the led screen displayed on the back of the backpack.

Play your favourite meme? Sure. You can show anything you like on this! All you need is the app provided on your app store of choice (Play store or App store).

The video quality provided on the backpack is only 64×64 pixels although that’s plenty enough to show off whatever you like. Completely waterproof and with plenty of storage capacity (As well as a specific pocket just for your laptop), this would definitely be a welcome and enjoyable gift to the large majority of people out there.

Buy the LED Backpack here

Light-up Propeller Shower Head

You may have seen this one circulating around on social media. This shower head has been making the rounds.

When turned on, the water coming from the shower head has a very similar effect to that of laminar flow as well as a spinning fan within the head that helps add to the aesthetic plenty.

It also helps increase the pressure of the water coming through the shower head as long as you don’t have a water pressure regulator built into your plumbing. Who doesn’t love a powerful shower? No one.

We couldn’t find the exact one used in the video but we did find a very close replica online which we’ve linked below for your convenience and gifting purposes.

Buy the Propeller Shower Head here

Multicoloured Lamp

RGB lighting, a very popular one for gamers. In 2021 you’d be hard pressed to find any trendy LED products that don’t include RGB features.

This LED lamp comes with full RGB features and is styled quite unusually in the shape of a ring.

You don’t see many of these types of lamps around which makes it a welcome addition to any room in the household or present collection under the Christmas tree.

Household Jack

Something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it, the Household Jack. Capable of lifting objects weighing up to 100kg (220.16lbs for you American folk) this jack is easily able to lift entire drawers or clamp together floorboards to help with those tricky DIY tasks.

A tech gadget gift mostly definitely needed for any DIY heads in the house. Whether they like to create the most extravagant rooms possible or even do DIY work for a living, this would most definitely help anyone in their endeavours to become a DIY master.

Buy the Household Jack here

Lunibox Frame

A beautiful addition to any bedside table, the Lunibox frame showcases some of the most beautiful 3d luminated art.

If you’re looking for anything resembling a beautiful little moonscape or sunset this is probably one of the best things you will find.

A definite cool tech gadget gift for any young teen or anyone in dire need of a bedside decoration.

Buy the Lunibox here

Magnet Lamp

A very unique lamp here very similar to the earlier explained lamp although this one comes with a few more features. The one that stands out is the incredibly unique fly switch that changes the colour for the lamp.

The lamp comes with 3 preset modes including the all well known RGB mode. This loops rainbow lighting around the lamp. There are 2 other modes including the normal lighting mode and making lamp stay fixed as your favourite colour.

The magnet lamp would be a fitting gift for any tech enthusiast with room for one in their house or bedroom.

Buy Magnet Lamp here

Steampunk Lighter

There’s just something so satisfying about a lighter of style. It’s always the type of item that’s worth showing off to other smoker friends. This is certainly one of those that’ll grab some attention.

You’re able to see the liquid inside, making it very easy to fill up the correct amount with lighter fluid. On top of that, it gives off a very pretty steampunk aesthetic.

Any smoker or even just your local lighter enthusiast would enjoy this in their pocket.

Buy it on Etsy

Nanoleaf Elements Wall Lights

Nanoleaf makes a fantastic addition to the house. Whether you prefer it on the feature wall of your living room or above the headboard of your bed in the master bedroom. Nanoleaf will suit any place in the household just perfectly.

You can place the hexagons any way you want whether it’s a symmetrical pattern or not. Nanoleaf is also fully customizable through their app and there are several different modes offering many lighting options.

Got any friends who’ve recently purchased their forever home or have just moved into a new flat together? Nanoleaf makes the perfect

Buy Nanoleaf Lights here

Star Planetarium

The exact product you see everywhere around the internet advertised to guarantee a better date or netflix movie night. That’s just it, they turn any indoor environment into a starry wonderland. Who wouldn’t love that?

There’s a given that you see many cheaper version of these products out on sale around the web, although the pricier versions are much higher quality than their cheaper counterparts. It also offers interactive ways to explore the night sky on your ceiling and options to add sci-fi scenery.

Young kids in the house in their fantastical space phase? You can be sure they’d love this under the tree or as a cool birthday tech gadget gift.


Buy Planetarium here

Blink Home Security

Have lots of expensive equipment in the house? Or paranoid that someone has been in the house while you were out? Blink home security will get rid of those worries.

With the ability to arm your cameras as you leave the house. Blink home security will notify you of any motion detected in the household while cameras are armed and instantly upload any recorded footage to the cloud. So even if a thief see’s your camera and tries to destroy it. You will still retain all your footage.

Very handy for, well, pretty much everyone interested in home security to any degree. Even those who weren’t previously interested in home security would find a valid use for the devices.

Buy Blink here


There are many incredible pieces of tech out there throughout the world, there’s something for almost everyone. Whether you’re buying for a birthday, christmas or just any random special occasion. As long as the giftee can make use of it, it’s a welcome gift.


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