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Capture One – Before and After

Capture one before and after
Published 17 August 2020

Capture One has slowly made its way into our hearts, and for good reason. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to switch to a before and after view in Capture One, and all the different ways to do so. 

In a previous article, we talked about skin smoothing in Capture One, but what if I want to see the differences between my edit and the original photo?

Well, let’s go ahead and take a look at that. 

Method 1

1. Open Your Project

I’m going to open the project I worked on last time and check out all the edits I made. 

2. Reset The Settings

A very fast way to see a before and after is to keep the “Alt” button pressed while clicking on the reset button. This way, you will see how your photo used to look before you did any edits, but the moment you release it, everything will be back.

Capture one before and after

This is an option that works on all versions of Capture One, so you don’t necessarily need to have the latest installed. It’s a lot like the before and after view in Lightroom where a single button will show you the before for as long as you keep it pressed.

The great thing about this method is the fact that you can undo any settings, so if you want to see how your photo would look like without sharpening, noise reduction, or white balance settings, you can just click “Alt” and reset the settings for a couple of seconds.

Method 2 

1. Activate the before and after view. 

In the latest update, Capture One got a pretty cool feature for seeing before and afters. It’s the “Before” option, that has two separate views. For starters, let’s activate the before and after view by clicking on the button located at the top of the screen. You can also press the “Y” key to toggle the before and after on and off. 

Capture one before and after

In the slider view, you will see the before on the left, while the after will be on the right.

2. Switch between modes

When you’re not in the before and after view, you can right-click on the “Before” icon and change the view. This will allow you to choose before the simple “Before” image or the “Before slider.”

Capture one before and after

Some other things you can do in order to see how your photo would look like without certain settings is to deactivate the layers. As I told you, one of the big advantages Capture One has over Lightroom are the layers. 

So if you make different adjustments on different layers, you can easily go ahead and hide them to see how your photo would look like without them. 

Besides giving you the view you wanted, it can also teach you how to stay organized!

Happily, now you know how to see the Capture One before and after view, and what you can do in order to see your photos without certain edits. 

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