Call of Duty Cold War’s Exciting Reveal in Game of Warzone – Best Reveal Ever

call of duty cod cold war warzone

While playing Warzone on 26th August 2020 at 6pm GMT, Call of Duty Cold War was revealed in game. It was a highly anticipated event in the gaming world. In gameplay a lot of unusual things happened that were not part of the original warzone game. It was called by many big gamers one of the best game reveals of all time and you can see why.

What happens in Warzone with Cold War tasks?

It appeared that on users screens would appear glitches, instant respawn and a goal to collect keys. You are given many tasks throughout the game starting with that you are told at the start of a match to ‘Secure the keys’ and ‘Stairways to Heaven’.

glitch warzone
warzone tasks

Then you are told to ‘Wield the weapon’. Once you follow this task you find a soldier standing in an area you are told about and you will need to go find it. He has a weapon and you can get the weapon from him.


Once you have the weapon, you are told to find the transmission. After you find the transmission you will see a short moment of the trailer for Call of Duty Cold War. From then, you will instantly respawn near the stadium and you are told to run to the stadium as soon as possible. So exciting! In that moment of running there is crazy music and sirens going off, with many bombs exploding. Once you reach the stadium, you get shown the highly anticipated trailer! What a way to release a trailer!

stadium cod warzone game
stadium cod warzone game
stadium cod warzone game
stadium cod warzone game

Cold War Trailer Reveal

It’s revealed in the trailer that there is a big multiplayer release on September 9th. So keep watching out for that.

cod cold

It’s such a good idea for Call of Duty to mix these games together and introduce new games through such an exciting way. Many gamers are loving this! Keep it up Call of Duty, you’re smashing it.

There’s also talk of Call of Duty Warzone to be introducing the most loved game mode Zombies. Please read more here.

Watch the one of the first live gameplays on NoahJ456’s Youtube channel:

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