How to Block Someone on LinkedIn Without Them Knowing

How to block and unblock someone linkedin
Published 1 May 2022

Last updated on 5 July 2022

Here we are addressing one rather unpleasant thing, how to block someone on LinkedIn. Even though it may be uncomfortable, sometimes this action is necessary if someone is crossing your boundaries, a company is sending too many updates and requests, or you simply no longer want to be connected to a specific person.

No matter what your reason may be, we will discuss all the possible solutions.

Why block someone on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network that connects like-minded professionals. Here people should be sharing ideas and broadening their minds with new ideas.

However, at some point, you may have connected with a person that you no longer want any updates from and you would rather hide your profile too. This is when blocking comes as a very valuable feature.

Some companies don’t know how to approach people, so the only way to do so is to spam, hoping to get your attention for future collaboration. If this has happened to you and you want to know how to spare yourself, you’re at the right spot. We will discuss blocking someone on this social network without them knowing.

What happens when you block someone?

Fortunately, blocking someone on LinkedIn is easy. The ability to block someone was introduced in 2014, and it means you can finally get some peace of mind on the network.

If this still makes you uncomfortable and you absolutely want to make sure that the other person does not find out, here’s precisely what happens when you block someone:

  • You can’t access the other person’s profile.
  • They can’t send messages to others.
  • You won’t be able to access content shared by others.
  • The connection with them will disappear.
  • The recommendations and endorsements you gave each other will also disappear.
  • All comments and mentions of the blocked person will no longer be shown.

Basically, all connections from that person’s profile to yours and vice versa will be gone for good. 

Ready to make the step? Here’s how to block someone on LinkedIn.

How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing

Ready to make the step? Here’s how to block someone on LinkedIn.

Go to "more" then "report/block"
  1. Go to the profile page of the person you want to block
  2. Select the “More” button in their title box
  3. Select “Report / Block” from the drop-down menu
  4. In the pop-up window, select “Block (name)“, then confirm again by clicking “Block

This will trigger a block and immediately stop them from contacting you again. 

Don’t worry, the person will not know that you blocked them. LinkedIn won’t send any notifications about this action from your end. What’s more, the platform won’t notify the blocked user that you visited their profile. 

How to unblock a person on LinkedIn

Have you blocked someone by mistake? Here’s how to unblock them without their knowledge in a few simple steps.

  1. On your profile page, click the “Me” icon at the top right.
  2. Select “Settings and Privacy“.
  3. Go to “Visibility“, then scroll down to “Blocking” and select “Change” in the blocking area.
  4. Select “Unblock” next to the person you want to let back into your life.

LinkedIn will ask for your platform’s password to confirm you are making this change. After successfully filling in your password, LinkedIn will restore this person into your connections again.

Note that after you unblock someone, you won’t be able to block them in the next 48 hours.

Go to settings
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When you know, it’s a good time to block someone on LinkedIn

Apart from spam or inappropriate messages, why would you want to block someone on such a well-behaved social network as LinkedIn? I know of three reasons, some of which I experienced personally.

  • Stalker behaviour – Life is too short, and professional networks are too valuable to waste time with such potentially dangerous people.
  • Former employee, business partner, or bosses – Unless you have parted on good terms, there is no need to show them how good or bad you are. Some people hold grudges or get insulted by the strangest things.
  • Exes – Although LinkedIn is a professional network, it’s prime territory for an ex looking for you. Even if you don’t care what they know about you, not all exes will mean well. So, why share more with them when you can protect your professional life completely? 

Other Tips to Protect Your Privacy on LinkedIn

Here are some super helpful tips and tricks you can apply on your LinkedIn to create an excellent first impression.

Remove a connection on LinkedIn

At some point you may have had enough of a specific person in your LinkedIn contacts and want to remove them without blocking. This may be that they are posting unrelatable things or they send a lot of spam.

When you remove them as a connection, you can calm things down.

Here’s how to remove a connection on LinkedIn:

  1. Visit your feed page on LinkedIn.
  2. Find the person you want to remove from your connections (they need to be in your feed, so they need to have posted recently to appear there)
  3. Select the icon with the three dots to the right of the person you want to remove.
  4. Select “Remove Connection with (name)“. This won’t block them, but it will remove them as a connection and stop their spam in your feed.
  5. If you don’t want to remove the connection but simply want to take a break from that person, then select “Unfollow (name)” (this will be in the same drop-down menu).

Manage connection requests

If you send and receive many connection requests on LinkedIn, you can easily manage them through the Invitations dashboard. This simple interface lets you see who you’ve received connection requests from and who you’ve sent them to.

My network linkedin
  1. Navigate to “My Network” from the main menu in your profile window.
  2. Select “Manage All” in “Pending Invitation” at the top of the Network screen.
  3. Select either “Received” or “Sent” and select a request.

Select the circle that’s left of the person’s profile. By doing you so, you are able to delete your own requests or even resend them or personalise them with a unique message so that the receiving side notices you reaching out and accepts you sooner.


LinkedIn has made it easy to block people, manage messages, and generally take care of business on the platform. This is why this network is fantastic for building your professional persona and reaching out to anyone who could help your business aspirations.

Were these bits of advice helpful? If you want to share other helpful tips, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.