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The Best Warzone Winning Strategies That Proper Gamers Use

warzone winning strategies

Warzone is a game we all know by now. Being one of the most popular Battle Royal games to date, it has a huge and elaborate map with many hidden Easter eggs and new features, inserted by the developers, to keep gamers excited and entertained while exploring the map.

Set in the warzone of Verdansk, players battle to stay alive in the closing circle. Forcing them to fight with other players while also outpace the deadly gas that is seemingly always on your tale. This huge 150 player experience is not one to be taken lightly so today we will be looking at a few tips and strategies to help you get the upper hand and get yourself some more victorious gameplay.

It is no secret that over the last months since Warzone has been released, the play standard has phenomenally increased. In truth the only way to get better is to play more and get yourself into more fire fighting situations. You won’t win them all but your skills and tactics will definitely improve the more you do so. So first of all we will look at some more aggressive play styles and how to use these to your advantage. If you are new to Warzone, go check our guide for beginners.

Be The Aggressor

Teamwork is vital throughout the entirety of the game and a team that communicates, generally gets more kills and survives longer. We recommend wherever the opportunity presents itself, use your numbers to your advantage. Having some team members flank the sides while others approach from a more forward direction.

Overwhelming the enemy squad is easy when they don’t know you’re coming and are quickly forced to defend assaults from multiple directions. We recommend the ‘Ghost’ and ‘Cold Blooded’ perks for optimal levels of sneak. Not only will it make you invisible to any UAV’s but it will also make you impossible to spot through thermal scopes and heartbeat sensors. Giving you a great advantage when approaching your enemy. As well as this we would also recommend the dead silence operator mod. This allows you to run in absolute silence and pick off the enemy squad with ease. Approaching without any notice as you quickly engage from up close.  

aggressor in warzone

Pool Your Money Together

In some instances you will find even though you have better angles, the element of surprise and a full squad waiting with great communication. You won’t always win the firefight. Because of this we would always recommend pooling your money together to one chosen player. By pooling your money together it will allow this player, out of direct danger from the squad you’re engaging, the opportunity to run to a buy out station and buy you all back. We’d recommend giving this responsibility to a squad member that favours the use of snipers. Allowing them to not only buy you back if need be but also cover your squad from a distance. 

Disorientate Your Enemy

Footsteps are also another dynamic within the game that you will need to think about when being an aggressor. Although these can be silenced with the previously mentioned ‘Dead Silence’ mod there are techniques and ways you can use them to your advantage. For example, if you and your squad are approaching a house which you know has a squad of campers safely hidden inside. By having some squad members running around the outside of the building, smashing windows on the left and then on the right. You will quickly disorientate the enemy squad. Not affording them the chance to hear where you are coming from. Quickly dispatching them as the third member of your squad creeps in for the kill. 

Ideal Contracts – Bounty, UAV, Air Strike

You will also want to make sure you get the correct contracts. Bounties will be highly useful for these tactics of playing as you will know the location of another enemy in the vicinity. Not only will you be able to eliminate your bounty target but also gain cash as a reward. Cash is extremely important if you’re playing an aggressive style so that you can buy UAV’s, Air Strikes and other items that will help you rack up the kills and improve your skills. 

Not all players will want to play this style. Constantly being aggressive, although will improve your combat and firefighting skills, won’t always insure you a spot in the winners circle. It’s risky and only a team with very good communication and skills to match can pull it off in a way that makes it worthwhile on the lead up to the end game. 


Playing the slow/quiet game

Camping is another notable tactic while playing warzone. Giving you the chance to wipe out unsuspecting squads without giving them a chance to think, as you rain bullets and explosives down upon them. Although frowned upon by some players it is definitely a valid tactic. We’d recommend a close range class set up, with the use of an SMG and claymores/landmines, you’ll know when enemies are closing in on your camping quarters and be able to deal with them quickly and efficiently. 

Ideal Contracts – Most Wanted, Recon

An ideal contract to get while playing like this is the newly added “Most Wanted”. These contracts will mark you as a little red crown on the map for all other players too see. Not always ideal but if you have a full squad all set up ready to help you fight off the incoming dangers from a specially selected camping zone, then you’ll not only be able to hold somewhere down effectively but also make some extra kills as you hold it down and wait for the next circle.

Another ideal contract for this style of gameplay is recons. Indicated on the map by a tiny flag. These contracts are high risk to begin with as they alert other teams when you are gathering them but in reward show you where the next circle is going to be placed. By stacking a couple of these contracts On top of each other you will gain cash and information on where the ideal camping spot is going to be for the final circle.

Moving to the play zone

The only time camping is made more difficult is when you are forced out of your tent in an effort to get within the new safe zone. While manoeuvring outside make sure to have a decent spread on your team as well as moving consistently from cover to cover. Being caught out in the open is a dangerous play especially when caught out of the safe zone.

An important thing to remember is that the more distance between gas and circle, the faster it will travel so getting yourself to the thinner side is always beneficial. With lesser distance to cover it gives you much more time to watch for enemies and plan your route to safety. With your back safely covered by gas it also affords the chance for you and your squad to cover more directions while simultaneously meaning you can be attacked from less angles.

All in all as professional as you may want to play the game, Call of Duty: Warzone, is all about having fun and there’s a wide variety of gamers playing with differing styles. These are just some tips and play styles you can try if you’d like to progress your play style within the game and come closer to getting that sweet, sweet chicken dinner!


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