9 Best Shipping Apps for Shopify

Best shipping apps
Published 17 April 2022

Having a good shipping app for your Shopify store is highly essential. There are many popular shipping apps available on the Shopify website itself that have improved entrepreneurs’ online businesses. However, finding the right one can be a time-consuming task with such an extensive choice.

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This post offers a brief review of these apps, highlighting some pros and cons to help you find the best one for you. 

1. Aftership Order Tracking & SMS

Aftership shopify app

This Aftership app allows you to personalize your tracking page and seamlessly navigate from emails or websites. It’s an exceptionally well-reviewed app on the Shopify website and has most customers awarding it a five-star rating. Reviewers have commented on the excellent customer service above all.


Aftership pricing

2. ShipStation

Shipstation shopify app

With the ShipStation app, you can expect some excellent discounts with UPS, USPS, and FedEx. This app allows new entrepreneurs to offer better shipping rates to their customers, thus giving their new businesses a big leg up. It also provides a streamlined process and is respected among online reviewers.

ShipStation is another app that helps e-commerce business owners offer free shipping with great discounts. They offer a 30-day free trial, with a $9 monthly subscription necessary after that. With a 4.5 rating on the Shopify app store, ShipStation is proving to be value for money for its customers.


Shipstation pricing

3. ShippingEasy


This great app has an inventory management feature that updates real-time stock levels constantly. You can follow up with a 30-day free trial with a $5 per month paid subscription. Alternatively, the app is free for smaller businesses with less than 50 orders.


Shippingeasy pricing

4. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shippingrates shopify app

One of the most common ways for customers to abandon an online shopping cart is when they get frustrated about not seeing the shipping costs. The Shipping Rates Calculator Plus app’s most significant advantage is that it displays the shipping costs right in the customers’ shopping carts. This way, you can avoid unwanted surprises.


Shipping rates pricing

5. Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced shopify app

This app will help you seamlessly set different shipping prices for different groups. It takes the complexity out of complex shipping and gives the user a better ability to sell from more than one vendor. A 7-day trial should be enough to convince, with a $9-per month subscription afterwards.


Advanced pricing

6. EasyShip

Easyship shopify app

This app is a free shipping app for up to a hundred orders. Customers can see the shipping rates before purchase, while it also automatically calculates tax and duty rates. However, due to the gratis nature of the app, shipping costs may be slightly higher as this is where EasyShip makes its money.


Easyship pricing

7. Shippo

Shippo shopify app

Shippo ticks all the same boxes with discounted shipping rates, label printing, and tracking info sent to your customers. One thing that sets it apart is that it simplifies the returns process by allowing you to print return labels for free.


Shippo pricing
Packlink pro shopify app

This great app allows users to download for free and only pay for services used. This app has received 5-star reviews primarily, with many reviewers talking about its ease of use. However, a few reviewers have also commented on poor customer support.


Packlink pro pricing

9. ShipperHQ

Shipperhq shopify app

This app allows you to set individual shipping costs based on a variety of factors. These can include your location or product weight, for example. ShipperHQ has relatively few reviews on the Shopify website, but it is mostly well-reviewed. However, a few customers have griped about customer service and complicated configuration.


Shipperhq pricing


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