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5 Best Product Variant Apps for Shopify

Product variant app
Published 11 May 2022

If you want to increase your odds of a sale, start by appealing to more people. If you’re going to sell a sports coat, but only offer it in neon green, you might not get a lot of hits. You might want to include a few other colors, introducing the importance of product variants. 

Variants are painful to make on Shopify. So if you want to make it easy, below are five product variant apps for Shopify.

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What are product variant apps? 

Product variant apps are applications built to improve your customer’s variant shopping experience. These apps make it easier for customers to see how different forms of your product look without leaving the product listing page. 

By making it easier for shoppers to view your forms, they might see something appealing. Shopify allows you to create up to 100 variants, but ten works for most people. 

The best product variants apps for Shopify

1: Variant Options, Color Swatch 

Best overall - variant options, color swatch 

Cost breakdown

Starter (for Shopify Basic)$14.90 per month
Established (Up to Advanced Stores) $29.90 / mo.
High Volume (Shopify Plus)$49.90 / mo. 


Variant Options, Color Swatch by StarApps Studio is one of the most popular options on Shopify. It enables you to switch between different swatches. You can even find the swatches on collection pages. 

Product options example

You can also find the more common product page swatch. The combination can result in a solid boost to conversion rates. 

It connects with well-known apps like Product Filter & Search and Plobal Mobile App Builder. To see if it fits your needs, you can run tests using a 30-day free trial. 

You can also efficiently perform a bulk import of swatches. So if moving between apps, you can set yourself up for fast moves. 

2: Product Options Variant Option 

Unlimited variants - product options variant option 

Cost breakdown

Pro$7.90 / mo.
Ultra$12.90 / mo.
Marketing$18.90 / mo.


Product Options Variant Option by YMQ might like naming creativity, but they make a good app. Much of the power of the app comes through multiple swatches. Color, radio, and image swatches can be found on the same listing.

 The ability to select multiple or single swatches is also available. These advanced features make it easy for you to create a stellar customer experience. 

Product options example

Hovering over the swatches will also create an engaging visual effect. This enables a zoom-in feature for all your image swatches. 

You’ll also find that conditional logic allows you to control when specific swatches appear. For example, if you run out of inventory (or discontinue something), you might not want the variant to appear. 

With a 14-day free trial (and a free plan for developmental stores), you can quickly test it out. Give it a shot to see if this is a good fit for you. 

3: G-Variants: Product Options

Best free app - g-variants: product options

G-Variants by Globo wasn’t late to the unique name department. What you’ll find is a visually-engaging customer experience. 

G-Variatns is also 100% free, saving you money for other important apps. It does this to create an integrated network of apps.  So consider it an entry point into its other products which do cost money.

G-Variants has all the popular product alternative selections. You’ll find radio buttons, checkboxes, and conditional logic options. 

Example of options shopify

Through their system, you can easily create minor product customizations. For example, gift wrapping options might boost your sales during the holidays. G-Variants can help you make that happen. 

The included live preview options allow you to test your changes before they get active. This helps you be sure that your changes work. Customer service is also pretty good, so it is not bad for a free product. 

4: Variant Option Product Options

Easy to use - variant option product options

Variant Option Product Options by Best sets itself on a high pedestal given the username. Still, it will win no reward when it comes to creative wins. 

You’ll also find this to be a duplicate of the number two option. Even the words between the two are just a transposition. Stop to check out the demo stores between these two apps to see what I mean. 

Either option will work, but this one is free. Although you do sacrifice a bit of customer service as a result of choosing free. 

Both also work with unlimited options for variants, radio buttons, and swatches. You can even choose flexible pricing options among your product variants. 

Example options

Regardless of what you pick, it comes down to priorities. If you want more support, scroll up and click option two. Otherwise, this one will work just as well. 

5: Convenient bulk variants – Product Options Variant Option

Convenient bulk variants - product options variant option

Pricing Options

  • Free (only for one product)
  • Unlimited products – $9.95


Product Options Variant Option by PXApps is another similarly named product. PxApps has a bit more experience though, as it offers multiple products. 

It also offers a cheaper option than premium ones on this list. Its “free trial” is option one on the pricing options above. So you can use it for one product and quickly have to pay.

Despite limited pricing plans, it does offer unlimited products after the paid period. It’s fairly easy to use and it offers a simple bulk-upload option. 

You’ll also find some powerful, customer-centric customization options. But the unusual format might throw off your customers at first.

Options example

Those who sell personalized products will find some amazing options for custom fields. So if you are looking for an excellent way to display your product variants, PxApps can help. 

Conclusion – What makes a good product variant app? 

When finding a good product variant app, it comes down to flexibility and ease of use. Our number one option focuses on dynamic color swatches. It also enables you to place variants on product collection pages, something not commonly available. 

You’ll find that all of these apps have solid options available for different needs. Even if creativity in naming is thrown out the window, these apps can help you out. So check out the demo stores and let me know what you think!


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