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A Beginner’s Guide to Warzone

how to play warzone

Are you struggling with getting your first win on Warzone or are having a difficult time being consistent at winning? Well, in this article, we will go into extra detail and show you some of the best tips that you can implement into your gameplay to simply win more often.

The following are some of the best pro tips and moves you should make in Warzone to start winning more.

Open All the Supply Boxes You Find

As you move around the Verdansk map, you will find supply boxes in different colours.

  • Orange Boxes
  • Blue Boxes

They feature anything from cash, self-revive kits, armour plates, and high-tier weapons. An unopened cache glows in one of the above colours and sounds of a loud tone alerting players to its whereabouts. Within these boxes you will find weapon blueprints to which the Color determines its rarity and attachment variants. Listed below are the blueprint colours and values:

  • Green – Common
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Orange – Legendary

The Purple and Orange blueprints are the ones to mainly look out for. You can also undertake a Scavenger Contract and get special supply boxes that contain rarer items like gas masks and armour satchels.

supply box

Rotate Through Uncongested Areas

As the zone begins to close, your next job will be to rotate to safety. Rotating is one of the key elements of any battle royale as the game advances, the chances of meeting up with an enemy increase.

So, take a look at where the next zone is, and decide upon a path that will safely take you and your team away from the dangers of the always approaching gas and into the safety of the circle. We would recommend that you always move from cover to cover ensuring there is a safety barrier, or one nearby, between you and any threats that may occur.

Also be mindful of any snipers and/or people camping. Many players will plant themselves firmly within the circle or around the edge in hopes of picking off unsuspecting squads as they make their own approach into the confines of the circle.

area warzone
open area

Complete as Many Contracts as Possible

In Warzone, there are three base contracts, although Infinity Ward are constantly surprising players with new ones. The three base contracts are: Scavenger, Recon, and Bounties. The three can be seen on your map as a magnifying glass, flag, and target icons, respectively. Completing these mini in-game missions can come in extremely handy as you rack up the cash and stack multipliers On top of each other for the next contract you undertake. 

Scavenger contracts require you to move around the local area in search of unique boxes you will need to open in order to complete the challenge. Your squad gets a small time limit to open all three boxes but in doing so gains extra cash, weapons and gas mask or armour satchel.

Recon Contracts require your squad to secure a specific location on your map. It is a high-risk contract since your enemies are notified of the zone you are protecting. This increases the possibility of a battle taking place, as you try to fill the slow-going process bar to complete the contract. With high risk comes high rewards and upon completion of these contracts the squad will receive valuable information in the form of where the next circle will appear. Allowing for your squad to escape the gas and get within the next circle before any other teams or choose a better place to stick to gas and approach safety from.

Bounty contracts will give your squad limited time to eliminate a player in an enemy squad. With their location being indicated on the map by a yellow bounty marker. However the target you are hunting will also have a risk indicator, showing them how close you are on your approach to claiming your reward. These contracts are definitely for more experienced players who want to rack up some more kills.

Activision have also added two more contracts into warzone since it’s initial release. One of these being the Most Wanted contract. This marks the player who has picked up the contract as a red crown on the map. Telling all other players in the game where you are. With the extremely high risk of this contract comes the reward of a team revive. Meaning that if you are the last man alive from your four man squad, upon completion of the contract all of your team members will return to the zone. The other contract added is a Supply Run. To complete this contract you must race to a buy station in an extremely limited time. Once you arrive at the buy you will then be given every item (except loadouts) at a discounted price or a free self-revive/player revive. Although you only get to choose one item.

Spend Your Money Wisely

A very crucial game mechanic in Warzone is cash. Utilizing cash will aid you towards a win. When exploring the map, you can pick up money from the floor, completing contracts, looting enemies, and supply boxes. When you are satisfied with the stash you collect, you can head over to one of the 50 buying stations which are marked on the map as shopping trolleys.

You can use this cash to revive your dead teammates that failed the gulag or buy useful items such as gas masks, munitions boxes, a precision airstrike, and many more. In case you cannot afford an item you desperately need, you can drop your cash and pool it together with your teammates’.

Ping and Loot Enemies

Warzone seems to have plucked a page from Apex Legend’s book. Activision has replicated Respawn’s pinging system that allows you to identify loot, locations, and enemy positions. You can also notify your squad members of an enemy presence.

It makes it easier for teams to coordinate their strategies. When your teammates know where the enemy is, they will be able to easily decide whether to engage or disengage. It also enables you to aim at an unsuspecting enemy or spot a distant sniper aiming at you.

Move With the Zone

Do you often get shot in the back? Well, one of the best strategies to avoid that is to actually rotate late and move with the zone itself. This will minimise the chances of you and your friends getting shot in the back or pinched between two teams. However, bare in mind that if there is a team ahead of you, you could get held and pinched between them and the zone, putting you at the uncomfortable place to either take storm damage or push the team that is applying pressure to you. If you plan on taking up this strategy, make sure that you rotate with the zone in a region that is not likely to be congested with players like buildings, gas stations, construction sites, and steep areas.

gas edges

Make Use Of Vehicles

When it comes to battle royale, making it safely to the safe zone quickly is vital to your survival and chances of winning the game. So, in order to optimise your chances, in early game, when the zones are significantly larger and hard to reach by foot, make sure that you use one of the many vehicles that are placed around the map.

Bare in mind that by using one of the vehicles placed around the map you will expose yourself to nearby enemies, in the form of a red vehicle icon on the enemies minimap, making you an easier target. If you want the ultimate safety, make sure to get your hands on one of the helicopters early on, although these too can be shot out of the sky with not to much trouble.

Be a Team Player and Share With Your Teammates

In Warzone, it is much easier when you work together. A squad should pool their money together to unlock necessary upgrades and items. The benefit of sharing is that it goes beyond cash.

You can keep up with your team members’ stock to know how you can help if you have extras. For example, you can only wear three armour plates, but you can carry five and up to 8 with the armour satchel.

Always Be Prepared for the Gulag

On your first death, Activision has provided a feature that gives you a chance for redeployment. It is a one-on-one match known as the Gulag. It is not an easy task, especially for starters. In the Gulag, you find yourself with a random set of weapons and equipment facing an opponent to the death.

You can prepare for the Gulag by heading over to gunfight mode and play match after match. It will help you to know your weapons well and learn the smart use of tactical and lethal equipment. You are spawned back to the game when you beat your opponent. If you fail to win the Gulag, you are eliminated for the rest of the game unless your teammates manage to collect $4500 to buy you back.

These are a few tricks for players new to warzone, that will put you on top of your game, the next time you decide to team up in Verdansk for some action. Most importantly, besides these tips, practise is the number one key to being more successful in Warzone.

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