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Why Do My AirPods Keep Disconnecting? 10 Quick Solutions

Why do my airpods keep disconnecting
Published 9 May 2022

Last updated on 21 May 2022

You’re in the middle of an important business meeting. Suddenly, your AirPods act up and disconnect as you’re about to present. What a bummer, right?

AirPods are supposed to connect seamlessly to your Apple device. But that’s not always the case for everyone. Many AirPod users experience disconnection issues every now and then—and this occurs for a number of reasons.

In this article, learn why your earbuds don’t work as they should and how you can quickly solve the problem.


Common reasons your AirPods keep disconnecting

First off, it’s important you understand what causes the disconnections. There are several reasons your AirPods keep disconnecting, which include:

Bluetooth interference

Bluetooth interference happens when an external connection disrupts your Bluetooth connection. This may be due to existing Wi-Fi connections, microwave ovens, or physical obstructions present within the area.

Outdated iOS version

Your device software may be out of date, which can cause compatibility issues with your AirPods.

Hardware problems

There could be an issue within the electronics of the AirPods itself, which may have been damaged over time or with physical force.

10 Quick solutions for AirPods that keep disconnecting

1. Establish reconnection with your device

Put your AirPods back into their charging case and take them out again after a few seconds. They should be able to instantly connect to your iPhone or iPad.

2. Keep your AirPods close to your Apple device

While establishing reconnection between devices, make sure they’re close to each other to avoid interference.

3. Disable and enable “Bluetooth

If the above tips still don’t work, try disabling Bluetooth on your device. Go to your iPhone or iPad Control Center and click on the Bluetooth icon to disable it. Enable it again after a few moments.    

Bluetooth options menu to fix  disconnecting airpods

4. Try the “Airplane mode

Disabling and enabling Airplane Mode is another way of resetting the connection. You should also be able to see it in the Control Center.

5. Disable “Automatic Ear Detection

Still, find yourself in a pickle? Try disabling the Automatic Ear Detection feature.

Head to Settings > Bluetooth and then tap the Info icon next to your AirPods’ connection status. This should lead to a window where you can locate and disable Automatic Ear Detection.

Automatic Ear Detection allows your AirPods to automatically detect when they’re placed in the ears. But the feature can malfunction especially if you tend to wriggle your buds often while wearing them.

6. Disable “Automatic Switching

With Automatic Switching, you can switch listening from one Apple device to another with your AirPods. So, if you have several Apple devices that have this functionality on, it may cause your AirPods to suddenly disconnect.

Try deactivating this feature by going to:

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Info icon next to AirPods.
  2. Click Connect to This iPhone > When Last Connected to This iPhone.
  3. Do this on every Apple device that you own.

On a Mac, disable this feature via System Preferences > Bluetooth > Options next to your AirPods. After clicking Connect to This Mac, choose When Last Connected to This Mac.

7. Update the firmware version

On your Apple device, open Settings > General > About > AirPods and check the firmware version. If it isn’t on the latest firmware, you need to update it.

Keep your AirPods in their charging case and connect to a power source. It should automatically update after at least 30 minutes.

8. Update your iOS device

There are plenty of reasons why you should regularly update your iOS device, which may include bug fixes related to your AirPods connectivity.

To update, head to Settings > General > Software > Update.

9. Reset your AirPods

Place your AirPods in the charging case. On your device, tap the Info icon on your AirPods and Forget Device. 

At the back of your AirPods case, press and hold the setup button for about 15 seconds with the lid open. The status light should change from amber to white. Then, place it close to your phone or tablet. This should initiate the setup process once again.

10. Reset the network settings

If the above tips still don’t work, try resetting your device’s Network Settings.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Connection restored

Any of the above tips should be able to fix disconnection issues with your AirPods. No more interrupted meetings and stuttering music for you—congratulations!

Otherwise, it may be time to contact Apple Support. But of course, we hope you don’t find yourself going to such lengths. Best of luck!

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