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AirDrop for Windows, Mac, Linux & Android: SnapDrop

Published 20 June 2023

Last updated on 29 June 2023

AirDrop & why it would be amazing for cross-platform

Apple’s AirDrop is known to be one of the best data transfer services. It allows its users to quickly transfer files between devices while also providing a high level of security. However, it’s not available on any other platform, except for iOS and macOS. This means that if you want to transfer files and use AirDrop on Windows, you need to use SnapDrop.

SnapDrop is a super-easy way to send files or data between your devices, and it works with anything, from PDF files to photos and videos. All you need to do is open it in your browser and then look for a device to exchange files with.

It’s a great app, developed using some of the best security protocols. On top of that, it’s open-source, so developers are continuously improving it. If you want to transfer files between your devices successfully, you need them both connected to the same local network – for your safety, only use secure and password-protected Wi-Fi.

Is your WiFi connected but no internet? Check this blog to troubleshoot before proceeding.

SnapDrop’s Compatibility With Other Devices

Unlike Apple’s AirDrop, SnapDrop is compatible with pretty much all the operating systems out there. This means that you can transfer files from Windows pc, Linux, and macOS to any Android, Windows, or iOS phone, which is pretty cool.

Until recently, files sharing from an Android phone to a macOS computer, or iPhone to Windows was incredibly hard and time-consuming. Happily, SnapDrop comes to fix that issue.

How Does SnapDrop Work?

Everything is pretty straightforward. As long as you have both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can access SnapDrop and send your files. When you open the website, you’ll be assigned a device name, so you know who you’re sending your stuff to.

You can also install a small version of the program on a desktop computer. This saves having to use the browser every time to access it.

Is SnapDrop Safe?

Yes, it is. The whole concept is very simple. SnapDrop opens a connection on your local network, which can be discovered by any other devices using that network. Assuming that the Wi-Fi you connected to is secured with a password, your transfer will be safe. SnapDrop doesn’t keep any kind of information, data or metadata about your transfers, and as soon as the tab is closed, the connection closes too.

How To Use SnapDrop?

1. Open the SnapDrop website

Simply go to, and you’ll be prompted with the transfer screen. You can see your nickname at the bottom of the screen.


2. Connect your second device

In order to transfer files between the devices, you need to access SnapDrop from the other phone or computer.

Find device

3. Send your files and messages

To send files, click on your device – you need to tap on phones. If you only want to send a message, then right-click on the icon – or long tap on phones.

Send a message

And that’s about it. You can easily use AirDrop for Windows, Linux, or Android, and your files will get there in a matter of seconds!

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