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How to add Double Opt-in to Email Subscriptions in Shopify

Double opt in shopify
Published 17 October 2022

Last updated on 15 December 2022

When you enable double opt-in to Shopify email newsletter subscriptions, you confirm that your subscribers are happy to receive marketing emails from your online Shopify store.

Double opt-in means that a subscriber must click on the link in a confirmation email. The subscriber will automatically receive the email after entering an email address as part of your online subscription process.

Enabling Double Opt-in for email newsletter subscribing on your Shopify store

  1. In your Shopify dashboard, go to ‘Settings‘ in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Open this and then go to ‘Notifications’ and open it.
Settings > notifications
  1. Scroll down quite far down until you find the ‘Marketing’ title, which includes the ‘Double opt-in‘ box below it.
Marketing shopify
  1. Enable the relevant box that suits you. You can have two options – “Email subscription” and “SMS subscription“.
  2. Click “Save

Doing the above will ensure that any new customers will be asked to confirm their subscription to your email marketing. Existing subscribers will not be affected at all.

On this page, you’re able to play with some other email settings on the page such as “Shopify Email open tracking” and “Staff notifications“.

Video tutorial

How to customise your Double Opt-in emails

You can customize your double opt-in emails by:

  1. Clicking ‘Settings
  2. Then ‘Notifications
  3. Scroll down to ‘Email marketing‘ and click the blue link Customer marketing confirmation.
Double optin

If you use a subscription email app, update your double opt-in settings there too. After updating your Shopify store details, if your subscription app doesn’t have an option to double opt, you’ll see any new customers’ email addresses marked as subscribers on your app’s customer page.

Reasons to enable Double Opt-in notifications

Emails cost money

Double Opt-in is handy because to put it short, having an extensive email list can cost money. Look at Klaviyo’s pricing for example. You get charged for the number of emails you send to.

What if most of those emails weren’t interested because they were bots and not real people? You want to make sure you only market to people who are actually real and will interact.

Bots are a pain

Plus, there are a lot of bots online which can automatically add thousands of emails through your sign-up forms. This is bad! You don’t want a bunch of useless emails in your list; it can harm your deliverability and cost you a lot more.

If you’re ready to start selling with Shopify, it makes sense to set up the best practices to get the most out of your online store from the beginning.

Law requirements

Some countries require double opt-in by law. In turn, subscribers from those regions will afford you a greater chance of turning your marketing into point-of-sale visits and sales of your products.

Learn more about why double opt-in is important.

Enable Double Opt-in for further email notification options from Shopify

You can further encourage Shopify email subscribers and enhance your email marketing status after enabling double opt-in for Shopify. By investigating the email notification options available, you can customize your Shopify email notifications further and encourage more visits from your targeted subscriber email addresses.

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