8 Awesome Jobs You Can Land with GCSE Photography

Photography jobs
Published 1 August 2020

Last updated on 5 July 2022

Capturing moments is the essence of photography and if you playfully incorporate art with a captured image to modify it, you enhance its impact on its audience. Doing so makes photography powerful and fulfilling. It delivers messages more clearly than words can, it makes ideas visible, and it provokes emotions.

Everybody can wield the power of photography. Hundreds of moments are waiting to be captured every day, and tools are available to manipulate images. If you’re passionate enough, you can easily create your portfolio and take photographs for a living.

However, some jobs require academic qualifications in photography. Sometimes, having a good eye and an aesthetic taste is not enough. This pushes wannabes to earn a degree to become qualified as a photographer. If you want to be a photographer, having a GCSE is enough to land jobs.

GCSE Photography

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. Essentially, it states that the bearer of the certificate has completed all the requirements of secondary education. You must pass an examination to get this certificate.

There’s no requirement for you to take up the GCSE Photography course. Once you acquire it, you can start applying for jobs. If you take a minimum of five GCSEs, with at least one A level in art, design, or media, you can pursue higher photography-related educational courses.  

Job Opportunities

You will be qualified for the following jobs with a GCSE Photography. You can either be self-employed or work for employers. Some employers may require you to pursue higher academic courses, but your certificate should give you a head start.


Being a photographer doesn’t only mean being good with a camera. You must also be well-versed in handling technical equipment and image-modifying software to meet your clients’ or employers’ demands. 

The profession “photographer,” however, is too broad. You can specialize in specific types of photography to land these five jobs that require a certain level of skill:

Commercial/Advertising Photographer

This job entails taking pictures of products and services for sales and promotion. You will be helping companies spread awareness about their brand to their target market. You should have enough skills to capture the product/service in a way that puts it in the best light.

Editorial and Press Photographer

The photographs you’ll be taking will be for newspapers, magazines, and websites. You’ll capture images to support news, stories, and knowledge presented in these printed and digital mediums. For this job, you must be quick in detecting actual moments that depict these stories. This job is fulfilling because it shows how much an image can express clearly what the message is all about. 

Wedding and Events Photographer

Self-employed photographers are huge at weddings and special events. This may not seem like a lot, but people are generous during special days. This job is also rewarding because of how much emotion you can capture and preserve in a single picture. Prenups, debuts, graduation ceremonies, and private and corporate parties are only some of the events that can give you worthwhile gigs. 

Fashion Photographer

This is a super-fun job that can take you to photoshoots and runways. If you stand out, industries will hire you to take fashion photos for their website, magazines, and advertisements. Knowing the perfect angles, lighting, and editing is required for you to be noticed.

Portraiture Photographer

This is also a popular option for self-employed photographers. You’ll be snapping solo and group pictures of people either inside or outside your studio. Your clients will most likely be families who like a portrait of them together or mothers who want their newborns artistically photographed. The fun part of this job is setting the props and background. The artist in you will become fully alive. 

 Fashion and Photographic Stylist

This job challenges you to create scenes much more significant than what you’d be doing as a portrait photographer. As a photographic stylist, you’ll be working around a theme for photoshoots. 

You’ll be brainstorming what background, props, and outfits that would look great in a photo. All elements must either be complementary or sophisticatedly contradictory to each other to deliver the right message or concept. This is a high-paying job, especially if you’re employed by big names in magazines or mass media. 

 Graphic Designer

Develop your skills in image-editing software on top of your talent and GCSE in Photography, and you will land this job. You can work independently or be employed as a graphic designer. Either way, you will be working on advertising and other promotional activities, books and magazines, websites, communications, etc. 

Your job will be to come up with creative ideas that will help your clients achieve their objectives. Graphic designers are sought-after because people prefer artistic images over plain texts to understand what a product/service is all about. 

 Digital Marketer

This involves actual marketing activities that will require you to promote products and services using various channels, especially online. With your GCSE photography, you’ll most likely be working on social media marketing. 

With your artistic abilities to snap and edit images, you can attract a huge following in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is one of the most in-demand jobs in the digital age. You can either be employed by companies as a contractor or a full-time worker.

Photography jobs gcse

Most Common Employers

In case you don’t prefer being self-employed, the following companies will likely accept you:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Leisure companies (most likely, your job will be on promotional advertising)
  • Media firms
  • Design companies
  • Photography organizations (you’ll be working with a group of photographers, videographers, editors, etc. who are hired for big events can’t be covered by a couple of people)
  • Wildlife organizations (you’ll be working on nature documentaries or cool magazine stories)


Honestly, you have a lot of options when you have GCSE photography. Any organization with a product, service, or cause will require some form of marketing and advertising. You can work with them as a photographer, digital marketer, or graphic designer. The possibilities are endless, especially if you continuously develop your skills in photography and image manipulation.

You can find more articles on how to become a professional Photographer here and also some tutorials on using Photoshop.

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