20 Incredible Upcoming Oculus Quest Games Releasing 2022

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Published 16 June 2022

Last updated on 31 December 2022

The Oculus/Meta Quest headsets are incredible pieces of innovative technology. They’re currently the most popular and widely used VR headset in the world as of 2022. Below is a comprehensive & carefully cherry-picked list of any upcoming Oculus Quest game releasing in 2022 that we feel deserves mention.

Most of these titles are only available on the Oculus Quest 2 instead of on both Quest headsets. However, you can work around this by connecting your Quest 1 headset to Oculus on PC via an Oculus link cable or any good quality (and long) USB-C to USB-A Cable.

We’ll keep this list updated throughout the year, so if you believe a particular game needs to be on this list, let us know in the comments below, and we can add it.

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1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution

The first Saints & Sinners game showed us how popular the zombie genre could become amongst the VR community. It had a fun, immersive story—incredible gameplay and interactivity. Great VR physics and tons more.

The second game in the Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners franchise will seemingly improve upon all of this. Making for intense & suspenseful gameplay guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

2. Bonelab

Bonelab is the highly anticipated sequel to Boneworks. An incredibly intuitive and impressive physics-based VR game. This game (As well as Boneworks) pushes the boundaries of what VR can genuinely achieve. It’s awe-inspiring & immersive.

It currently has a release date of 2022. We’re hoping for an update on Stress Level Zero sometime over the next couple of months regarding the development status. We’re excited for this one as it will impress any VR enthusiast/player.

  • DeveloperStress Level Zero Inc.
  • Publisher – Stress Level Zero
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – Intense
  • Release Date – 2022
  • Oculus Store Link: BoneLabs

3. Among Us VR

Among Us took the gaming world by storm in 2020. It quickly became one of the most famous & trendy games ever.

As most people who’ve played Among Us, it can be a very intense game at times and can prove to be very challenging. Especially when playing as the imposter or an innocent playing with an experienced imposter.

Now Among Us will be available in VR towards the end of 2022, and we can’t wait for the chance to sabotage our friend’s games as the imposter. This upcoming Oculus Quest game is going to be a top-notch title.

4. Ghostbusters VR

Ghostbusters VR will let us finally experience our ghost-hunting fantasies. The game we didn’t know we needed until now. Team up with up to 3 other friends in co-op to protect the city from mischievous ghosts.

Considering the nostalgia surrounding Ghostbusters, this upcoming Oculus Quest game is looking to be a top seller. This one will be popular amongst VR beginners and veterans.

5. Moss: Book 2

Moss is one of the most wholesome VR games out there. Quill returns in an all-new adventure! She is being hunted, and you’re here to help her save the world.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth playing the first Moss game before trying this one out. If you have, add this to your wishlist, as it’s sure to be a fantastic VR experience.

The game is already available on PSVR but will soon be coming to Oculus Quest this summer. However, Polyarc & Meta have yet to announce a specific release date for the game.

  • DeveloperPolyarc
  • Publisher – Polyarc
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – Comfortable
  • Release Date – Summer 2022
  • Oculus Store Link: Moss: Book 2

6. Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2 is a direct sequel to the first Red Matter game and picks up right where the first game ended. This game has proven to be one of the more highly anticipated titles within the VR scene.

This game looks to be a vast improvement upon the first one, with several nods to Half-Life: Alyx in the trailer and undoubtedly, we’re sure to see some references in the game itself.

This upcoming Oculus Quest game is set for release sometime in the summer of 2022. We hope it comes out sooner than later, as we’re incredibly excited to play this.

  • DeveloperVertical Robot
  • Publisher – Vertical Robot
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – Comfortable
  • Release Date – Summer 2022
  • Oculus Store Link: Red Matter 2

7. Cities VR

For those city-building-obsessed geeks out there! Cities VR is exactly what you think. It’s essentially a VR version of Cities: Skylines, albeit a bit easier to pick up and play.

In Cities, you can build small towns from the ground up and develop them into sprawling metropolia. Play as the mayor of the city and make (hopefully wise) decisions that will either help or hinder your city’s progress.

It’s an incredibly well-designed game and enjoyable for those who enjoy city simulation games. You can build your city however you like in many different scenarios. For a VR game, it’s incredibly relaxing and can be played while sitting down.

  • DeveloperFast Travel Games AB
  • Publisher – Fast Travel Games
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – Comfortable
  • Oculus Store Link: Cities VR

8. NFL Pro Era

Have you ever dreamed of being a quarterback for your favourite NFL team? Yeah, now you can. NFL Pro Era has you play as the quarterback from any of the 32 NFL pro teams.

Decide what play you want to make and work with your team to score touchdowns and beat the other team.

We’re hoping this proves to be more comfortable to play compared to other moderate-rated VR games, as this one looks to be lots of fun to play.

  • Developer – Status Pro Inc
  • Publisher – StatusPRO, Inc.
  • Supported Headsets – Quest, Quest 2
  • Comfort – Moderate
  • Oculus Store Link: NFL Pro Era


Probably the closest you’ll get to living in an anime-style world for a while (until full-five VR is a thing). Ruinsmagus has 25 multistage quests for you to take part in and complete.

You’re a part of the Ruinsmagus guild. You’ll solve deadly puzzles and venture into dangerous ruins to become stronger and get better loot along the way.

This upcoming Oculus Quest game is set for release sometime in the summer of 2022. We hope this title proves to be an enjoyable experience for those looking for something new in the world of VR.

10. Espire 2

Defeating techno-terrorists by any means possible. Espire 2 does a great job of allowing you to play the game however you like. Want to go stealthy? Sure, go ahead. Feel like going in guns blazing? You can do that too.

The game is made in Unreal Engine 5, so you can expect it to perform outstandingly well and look fantastic. Expect this title to be one of the more popular ones to release this year. It will be worth a play.

11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR

An upcoming Oculus Quest game that’s exclusive to the Oculus platform. GTA: San Andreas VR was announced at Oculus Connect 2021. There’s still no solid info on the game except that it’s in heavy development.

Oculus seem to be partnered alongside the title’s development, and it will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the Oculus store when it releases. We’re looking forward to seeing how this will play out.

  • DeveloperVideo Games Deluxe
  • Publisher – Oculus Game Studios
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – To be revealed

12. Assassin’s Creed VR

Assassins creed vr, an upcoming oculus quest game

At this point, little is known about Assassins Creed VR, although we’re sure to expect big things from Ubisoft development team Red Storm Entertainment.

There are several rumours and leaks surrounding Assassins Creed VR so far, although none of the rumours has been confirmed as of yet. We’re hoping to hear something very soon, especially at Assassins Creeds’ 15th-year celebration event that Ubisoft is holding.

13. Peaky Blinders: The Kings Ransom

Probably the closest you’ll ever get to join the Peaky Blinders. Winston Churchill’s “red box” full of government secrets has been stolen.

You’re to infiltrate the underworld and join the Peaky Blinders to help retrieve the red box and avoid it falling into the wrong hands. Not much has been revealed for this title, although we’re sure to see something soon at the next Meta Quest games showcase.

14. Propagation: Paradise Hotel

We all love a good horror/zombie game, especially in VR. The aptly named Propogation: Paradise hotel is due for release in late 2022 on Steam & the Meta Quest 2 store

The comfort rating for this game hasn’t been revealed so far, although we expect it to be somewhat moderate, as these games usually are. Good luck with this one. It’s sure to give you the spooks.

15. Ultimechs

Imagine the Olympics with robots instead of people. Robots that are specifically designed to compete in professional athletic tournaments. That’s what this game is.

We think this one will prove similar to RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, an older VR game released on the PSVR. But we believe Ultimechs will improve upon it in every way due to the improvements in VR development.

  • Developer – Resolution Games
  • Publisher – Resolution Games
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – To be revealed
  • Steam Store Link: Ultimechs

16. Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

Ziggys “Not So Good” Cosmis Adventures is your new, wacky sci-fi adventure VR game. From the comfort of your cockpit, survive the deadly vacuum of space, fight cosmic battles and journey through treacherous regions of space.

Stardust Collective are only a small team of developers, but it seems they’ve made significant progress with this title. It’s imposing for such a small team of developers to achieve a game that looks as fun as this one.

We’re picking this title up to mess around on.

17. Paradox of Hope

Paradox of Hope is very reminiscent of the Metro games. No doubt that it’s taken some inspiration from them. Explore the metro underground in Moscow, and survive deadly encounters while scavenging for supplies.

Survival horror is our personal favourite when it comes to genres for video games, especially for VR. The immersion you can get from these games is fantastic, and that’s only enhanced more when you play in VR.

18. Nerf Ultimate Championship

This is one of the top games on this list (despite being 18th). We thought we’d save some of the good games for last. Nerf Ultimate Championships is like a mix of Apex: Legends & Overwatch, but it all takes place in a combat arena where teams go against each other to come out on top.

It’s a competitive multiplayer game just like the titles we mentioned it’s similar to, and indeed we’re going to see a few competitions out of this one. We’re excited to see what happens with this game.

  • Developer Secret Location
  • Publisher – Hasbro
  • Supported Headsets – Quest 2
  • Comfort – To be revealed
  • Release Date – August 25th, 2022

19. The Last Clockwinder

A somewhat relaxing change from the titles we’ve spoken about previously. The Last Clockwinder involves you making creations from your actions with the help of many clones of yourself.

Act with an item and then create a clone mimicking that same action. You can repeat this to create an assembly line of clones of yourself to make creations efficiently. It’s all about building with the help of your clones.


A chaotic, sci-fi, first-person shooter where you can kill all the aliens you want with all the guns you could ever have. You can quite literally build your gun anyway you want. Build your weapon however you like, make it big and powerful, and make them small while still packing a punch.

On top of all this, you can play with a friend in co-op so you can both kill aliens together and defeat the bad guys. Twice the people, twice the chaos.


So many good games are finally coming to the Meta Quest 2 platform. We’re super excited to try every game on this list. Here’s hoping we get to see many more games like these get announced over the coming years. VR gaming has never been so good, and it will only get better.

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